The Beginning :

Hi there new friend, I’m Regina, and welcome to Live Delightfully. I started blogging 3 years ago when I opened an Etsy shop, because after reading forum after forum about owning an Etsy shop, it seemed to be the thing to do. It wasn’t long before my blog posts had little or nothing to do with my Etsy shop, and more and more to do with my personal stories, fashions I love, places and things that inspire me, and just various ramblings that I put together that could be anything from beautiful finds from Etsy to my journey of infertility and becoming a foster mom.

Eventually, my shop itself evolved as my interests waned and waxed. Now I have a new shop, Live Delightfully, and this new blog, also called Live Delightfully. I love what my blog has become and I’m so excited that you’ve stopped by.

Live Delightfully :

I love to cook, sew, craft, garden, read, and shop so you will often find posts regarding any of those topics. Live Delightfully isn’t a “recipe” blog or a “DIY” blog. It’s more of an inspirational blog or lifestyle blog. My posts are about a medley of topics because my life is about a medley of things. I hope you enjoy my blog as it truly is an extension of me. I love reading your comments and hope you’ll take the time to post one. I will do my best to respond to all of the comments left for me.

I got the name, Live Delightfully, from the verse Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” To me, living delightfully means living in such a way that: God takes delight in you, you take delight in God, you are a delight to God, you delight in God’s will & His word, you delight in doing God’s work. I want to delight myself so deeply in the Lord, that I truly live a delightful life.

About Me :

I am married to a preacher and we are foster parents, hoping to adopt one day. We have struggled with infertility, but still believe that, one day, God will bless us with a child of our very own. In the meantime, we have lots of love to give and a home to share and feel it’s our calling to also take care of children that don’t have anyone else right now.

Some random trivia about me : I love long conversations, especially when they happen late at night – I’m definitely a night owl, I can stay up all night any night, but I hate getting up in the morning no matter how much sleep I’ve gotten – Smiling’s my favorite – My life has been scarred by Hollywood – I love peaches – I’m an aunt, although I usually forget that – I’m a huge music lover and love to sing as long as it’s not a solo in front of people – I can’t pick a favorite color because I don’t want to hurt any of the other colors’ feelings – I love cooking but don’t like cleaning – I love movies and will often use movie quotes in everyday conversations. People who pick up on those movie quotes and/or can quote movies back to me will be instant friends – People who think they’re “small-town” have no idea what it’s really like until they’ve lived in Summerfield, USA – If I could have anything, it would be a room of my own… like Miss Virginia Woolf – I prefer chocolate to vanilla, but my favorite is the twist from Braums – I have an irrational fear of leprechauns and exploding toilets – I love spending time with my friends and family – I have a deep desire to travel but haven’t done much of it – My favorite cereal is Frankenberry, but it’s incredibly hard to find – I love learning – I usually blame myself for things out of my control – My favorite artist is Marc Chagall. 

{ R to L : Me, Amanda & Ashley }
I love these girls so much!

{ Amanda & I }
Amanda is one of my closest friends and has been with me through so much!

There's this guy, and, you see, he means quite a lot to me. 

{ Joey & I }

{ Joey & I }
Been dating since September 2006, married since December 2006... you do the math. ;) 

Thanks for visiting my blog! 


  1. You are such a darling for posting this! That verse psalm 37 has been my anchor since I was born again. Something in common here on earth. Sending you big fat Greek ((hugs))

  2. You are a delight!!


  3. Love you!!! :)

  4. Great page - so fun to learn more about you! Tho I had to laugh at the exploding toilets :)

  5. Great fun getting to know you better!
    We have a lot in comon! :)


  6. This is so honest and heartfelt. You are a great writer. We prayed for one of our pastors and his wife for 15 years and they now have 5 yr old twins. God does answer prayer.


  7. Found your blog via Ashley's Carnival Ride. I met and married my husband pretty quickly too. Been married 12.5 years. :) I look forward to reading more of your blog. Have a good one.

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