Monday, March 30, 2015

A Big, Bold Move

Hi y'all! Remember me? I know, I've been away from Live Delightfully for a while now. But I've been working on something. Something absolutely amazing!

But first, let's back up a bit. You know how when you're a little girl and you play teacher and doctor and stuff with your little girl friends? I did that too. My friends and I had really active imaginations and we had a good time. We also played shop in my Granny's sewing room. I was usually the shop-owner and would help my little friends with their purchases, check them out, etc. It was lots of fun. I think I liked playing that role-playing imaginative game more than the others. 

Fast forward to college, I worked two part-time jobs at retail stores. The first was Goody's, the second was Kohls where I eventually became the Juniors Department supervisor, and worked full-time. I know some people HATE their college jobs, but I really loved mine. A little too much in fact. I would prefer to work than to go to school. So eventually I had to quit so I could focus on finally finishing school. 

Fast forward to post-college, I worked from home for an online education company and I've tried starting like 4 or 5 different online shops via Etsy. They never worked out. Why? Because I just hadn't found my niche yet. 

For the past... oh, I don't know HOW long, I've been telling my friend Amanda that I wanted to open a shop. I didn't know when or how, I just kept telling her someday. I would dream about it, envision it, sketch out ideas. It's my HaPPy pLAce. 

Last summer after being frustrated with my "real" job (remember the online education company), I was talking to Amanda on the phone and again, I talked about how I wanted to open a shop someday. Amanda, being the terrific friend she is, just bluntly asked, "When are you going to stop talking about it and do something about it?" Uhhhhhh..... 


I didn't know. 

I had no answer. 

I had always thought of my shop dream as just that, a dream. It was one of those, "if I ever win the lottery" or "someday when I can...." I mean... how could I afford to start a shop? How could I afford to quit my job? What about our retirement? Health insurance? What if I open a shop and it fails miserably?? All these doubts.... all these fears.... all of this WHAT IFs?!?!?!?!

But.... as Amanda told me that night... "Five years from now you are still going to be wishing you had opened a shop." So... I started really thinking about it. I started planning, setting goals, and actively working towards this dream of mine. 

I'm not there yet. There's a lot of work to do. But I'm getting started. I've created a new company and have started selling clothing, home decor, and refinishing home decor for clients. It's still a baby as far as my process goes, but at least now... I'm doing something about my dream. 

I'd love to have you all stop in and check on my new company - The Southern Rose. 

Here's the website: And be SURE to check out the new blog on my new website. 
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Y'all.... I'm starting to live the dream. It's very faint sometimes and full of frustrations. But there's a glimmer of my dream shining through and it's getting stronger every day! I've only blogged twice on my new website, but more blogging will be happening soon. I've got a few finished projects to blog about, plus lots of new projects that are on my To Do list that I'll also blog about. It's all very exciting!! Won't you join me on this magical ride? :)