Tuesday, March 11, 2014

moods : March 2014

Hi y'all! It's a glorious spring day, although it's technically not spring yet. The sun is out, the wind is blowing (ugh) and later this afternoon we're going to grill hot dogs and then go watch a baseball game. Hooray!! Fun Fun Fun!!! 

March has brought with it lots of creativity, lots of dreaming about things, and also longing to wear my boyfriend fit, ripped jeans... which I am. Right now. Woo hoo for finally getting to wear my favorite jeans!

Let's take a gander at my monthly moods. 

What inspires me : 

march 2014 mood board

burlap | sewing | crafting in general | liquid eyeliner | green hues

Another month, still crushing on burlap. Fact. 

What I'm listening to : 

I've been on a bit of a country kick the last couple weeks. 

Specifically Keith Urban: 



I'm not really sure why. I'm not watching American Idol or anything... is he even still on there? I don't even know. But come on, do I really need a reason... it's Keith Urban!!! ;) 

But it hasn't been all Keith Urban. Joey and I are big Castle fans (if you aren't, I'm not sure we can be friends... I kid, I kid) and Caskett discovered "their song" a couple episodes ago. Joey has been listening to it a lot. Like a lot a lot. Which means I have to listen to it a lot a lot. And it's a song that can really get stuck in your head in a very maddening way. But it's a great song. So you should listen to it. Just remember, I warned you. ;) 


What I'm reading : 

I'm still working on Gone Girl, albeit, not a lot. I'm in a creative/crafty mood right now, so reading isn't a high priority. But I did read a few more chapters Saturday. And I've been reading more of my Bible. I read the book Hosea... wow. 

What I'm watching : 

Of course, we're watching Castle. And holy stress factor on the last episode.... the Senator? Her Mom situation? Ummm... exciting!!!

I've also watched this whole season of The Bachelor and I'm kind of shocked that everyone hates Juan Pablo now. I think there's been a huge media and editorial shift to make him look a certain way, and I think he says things that people could definitely find offensive but Get. Over. It. 

Backing up to the week where Andi left, I don't understand why people were so bent out of shape about it. First off, what's he supposed to do? Okay, so maybe he is one of those people who always has another story about himself or something he's done for everything you say. Andi found that out, discovered he wasn't her "one" and wanted to leave. Good for her. But why make a big fight about it and be upset because he "wasn't showing any kind of emotion" towards her? He obviously wasn't feeling it with her either, so why would he beg her to stay or get upset that she's leaving? It's okay (yes I just said it's okay, sorry I'm not sorry Andi) for him to not be heartbroken that she is leaving. It's okay for him to not sit there and want to fight with her. Just get over it and stop making it a bigger deal than it was. 

And as for the finale well... I don't know what Juan Pablo said to Clare. I also don't know what made him choose Nikki over Clare or anything. But what I do know is season after season I have set there and watched the final couple sit with Chris Harrison and talk about how they're in love, and things are magical, and "we're just taking it slow now" or "we're just enjoying being in love" and then just a few short months later, they're over. The engagement is broken, and we're left wondering, "did they really love each other at all"? So for Juan Pablo to sit there and not tell Nikki he loves her, great job! If he doesn't feel it yet, he doesn't feel it yet. And that's OKAY!! 

Sure, if I were in a situation like him I might have said something like, "I don't love him yet, but I am very smitten with him, and I love the time we have together and I'm very much looking forward to where this is going." But I'm not Juan Pablo and he's not me and for all of America to seemingly want him to sit there and say certain things that may not be true, or to express himself in a way that he doesn't know how to (language barrier) then get over it. 

Okay... I'm going to end my The Bachelor rant right now. lol. 

But what do y'all think? Did you watch? Do you have any good books you're reading? What's going on in your life? 

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  1. I adore the quote sweater and the floral shoes, they look perfect for spring (which I hope is on it's way!)


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