Monday, March 3, 2014

14 in 2014 : Update #1

Hi y'all! Can y'all believe it's March?! Great googly-moogly! I had originally planned to update my 14 in 2014 project once a month, but then the great blog flow of February 2014 hit (haha) and that was pretty much over. But here I am and I definitely think it's time for an update. So let's dive right in!

___ 1. Finish decorating Luke's room and Julius's and McCrae's room 100%. I can't say I'm done or even close to it, but I have measured for new doors and yesterday I almost completed piecing together Luke's quilt top. 

___ 2. Organize the house. There has been some success with this one, but not enough to really give myself credit. I'm looking at you master closet and office space. Seriously... so. much. stuff!!!

_X_ 3. Finish decorating our bedroom 100%. HOORAY!!! This one is already complete! Woo-Hoo! If you missed the big reveal you can read up on it HERE

___ 4. Redo our master closet. Well, I've bought some stuff for organizing the closet, but that's about as far as I've gotten. So much to do...

___ 5. Lose 25 pounds. Y'all... I'm totally going backwards on this one. If I'm not careful, I'm going to end up gaining back the weight I lost last year. There's no particular reason for it... except my own laziness and being in a funk in February. But maybe March will see me out walking more, making it to the gym again, and cutting back on all those carbs I've been shoving in my mouth for the last 4 months. O.o

_X_ 6. Organize all the photos on my computer. Done and done! I actually completed this one early in January while watching a bull-riding documentary on Netflix with Joey. It's a very exciting life that I lead. ;) lol. But I'm glad that I got it done and now I just need to keep it that way. 

___ 7. Run a 5K. See #5. Yeah... I've been lazy. It's time to find another 5K, set a goal, and start working. 

___ 8. Finish 3 old scrapbooks. Oops. Totally forgot about this one again. I need to get my scrapbooking bag out of that hiding spot so I can remember to work on this project. 

_X_ 9. Write/Send more cards and letters. Hooray for another check mark X for me! I've been doing very well at writing more cards. Part of that has been helped by our prayer group but I'll take whatever credit I can get! 

_X_ 10. Yell less, laugh more. Nag less, play more. I can't say it's been easy, but I'm a work in progress and I'm thankful for grace and mercy that let's me start fresh every morning, every hour, every minute if that's what I need. I'm learning to think and breathe before I react. Kids will push you to your mental boundaries, but you can't control their actions, only your reactions. Here's to more and more patience, self-control, and teaching my children that mama messes up too. 

_\_ 11. Try more recipes. Ehhh... half an X. Because I've tried some new recipes, but they've been mostly Pinterest recipes. I need to break out the ol' cook books and see what I can find. 

___ 12. Read more books to the kids. I think this one makes me the most sad. I can't remember reading to my kids at all in the past couple months. Oh we've played and sang songs, and built towers and played basketball and built a raised garden bed... but not a single book has been read. Time to fix that today. 

___ 13. Wake up earlier. This was going swimmingly... then the funk happened... now it's getting better again. But spring forward is coming soon and that will mess me all up again. 

_X_ 14. Pray more. This one makes me the most proud and happy. I am a work in progress, that is so evident in everything I do and is one of the big reasons I do this list of goals every year. I'm glad that this one is on my list and that I can feel a difference.     

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  1. I love your ways of creating goals -- and girl, that master bedroom is to die for!


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