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The Great Bedroom Makeover of 2013/2014 { reveal }

Hi y'all! I know it's Wednesday and that typically means a Win It Wednesday post, but do you mind if I put that off for a week? I hope not. Because I have been waiting for what seems like forever to finally do this post and I don't want to wait anymore. Not even one more day! We are finally finished with the great bedroom makeover and I say, we can not be more pleased with the results. I have a tendency to talk too much when I'm excited, so let me just hush right now and get to the pictures!!

First, let me remind you of the inspiration board for the bedroom makeover. Of course, this was after a giant peacock painting spoke to me in Kirkland's. But you can read all about that here.

Here's the inspiration board:

by reginakay">reginakay> featuring teal">">teal home decor
And now for the results. I have to say... I think that inspiration board ended up translating very well!

First, we'll start with my side of the bed. The wall you're looking at is the east wall.

 Close up of my nightstand décor:
All of the furniture (nightstands, chair, dresser & bed) are from Ashley Furniture.
| Frame - Hobby Lobby | Peacock night light - Kirkland's |
The frame was from Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off so it was about $8 or $10 a think. The peacock night light was about $12.
Then the bed...
| White sheets - Better Homes & Gardens | Down Alternative comforter -  Royal Velvet from JC Penney |
| Sleeping pillows - Sealy | Throw Pillow - Pier One |
The sheets are about $50 a set from Wal-Mart. Sleeping pillows about $9 each, also from Wal-Mart. The comforter was on sale at JCP for $175, regularly $350. So with the extra cash I saved, I splurged on the perfect throw pillows which I dearly love from Pier One which were about $30 a piece.
Close up of the pillows.
I knew I wanted white sheets and comforter, so I wanted the throw pillows to be the perfect pops of color to reflect the "peacock" theme we were going with.
I also knew I wanted great textures in my pillows and after searching all over the internet, none were as perfect as the ones I found at Pier One. Now granted, I typically wouldn't spend that much money on throw pillows, but I figured I saved money in other places so why not splurge here, AND I did NOT want another project to take on like trying to make textured, peacock-colored throw pillows. If I would have tried that, we still would be waiting for a bedroom...
Okay, so with the sleeping pillows and throw pillows combined, our pillow count is at 11. Which is a lot. Joey calls it Mount Pillowmanjaro. He's so funny. But really, they're gorgeous, I love them, and they are actually really comfortable when you're lounging in bed reading, watching tv, or taking a nap on Sunday afternoons. Love, love, love.
Above the bed....
Above the bed we have this gorgeous sign that I made! I'm so in love with it!
Later, I'll share how I made this sign and all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into it.
Now we'll move over to the north wall...
| Vases/Candle holders - Kirkland's | Frame - Hobby Lobby | Teal Roses - Hobby Lobby |
The frame is from Hobby Lobby for about $10. The vases/candleholders I got at Kirkland's on clearance (the same night the peacock spoke to me) for 50% off their original price. I think the large one was $10 and the smaller ones were $7. The teal roses are from Hobby Lobby for about $25 a piece, but you can easily get those on the 50% off days OR use a 40% off coupon.
Moving on over to the southwest corner of the room...
When we bought our furniture we hadn't measured, we just saw, liked, bought. So when the guys came to deliver it, we discovered there wasn't enough room for each night stand to be on the side of the bed. So Joey's nightstand now rests on the west wall of the bedroom at the foot of our bed. It's fine there, it provides a place to set your coffee when you're lounging in the corner chair reading. Which brings up another point. If you think it looks like the chair and the bed are very close together, you would be right. They are touching. I can move the chair a little where I don't have to step over the chair to get to my side of the bed, but that means you can't easily sit in the chair. So... the chair stays the way it is, I continue to step over (it really doesn't bother me that much) and when the chair isn't stacked high with all those throw pillows, we can sit in it to read, watch tv, etc. I've found it's a fantastic spot to sit on Sunday afternoons with a good crime show on and work on blogs.

 | Lamp base and shade - Target | Ceramic scented wax warmer - Scentsy |
 | Frame - Hobby Lobby |
Both of the lamps and shades are from Target. They were a lot pricier than I had expected, but we didn't have any lamps so I didn't have many options. But they are pretty and I really like them, so I don't mind. Lamp bases were $30 each. Lamp shades were about $25 each. The warmer is from Scentsy of course, and it's about $30 I think. I ordered it before we were going with the peacock theme, back when our room was just going to be shades of purple. When I got it in, I was surprised by how much blue was in the glaze, but it's gorgeous and fits our current theme perfectly.  

| Peacock painting - Kirkland's | Flower arrangement on wall - Hobby Lobby |
Of course, you know the story by now of the peacock painting and I still just absolutely love it! I bought the sconce vases years ago at Hobby Lobby when we still lived in Levelland, but I never used them. When we started redoing our bedroom, I pulled them out, cut off the tags, and put purple and green flowers from Hobby Lobby in them. They aren't necessarily my favorite decor, but they do add some color, and they're pretty, so I'll keep them.

| Faux fur throw - Royal Velvet from JC Penney |
I love this throw. It's light weight but super soft and very warm. I got it for about $30 at JC Penney and I would seriously go back and buy 3 more if I had places to use them because it is just that wonderful!! 

 Here's an up close look at some of the décor throughout.
| Teal shelf, bird cage, wooden frame - Hobby Lobby |
I think the only thing I haven't talked about yet is the teal shelf decor. All of that is from Hobby Lobby, and it was all 50% off so the shelf was about $15, the bird cage about $10 and the frame about $10. The frame came just plain wooden, but I had some wet white paint on a roller from painting the sign above our bed and decided to roll some on the frame. I think it looks better and fits better with our other decor.
And I think that pretty much wraps it all up and puts a pretty peacock bow on it. ;) Hopefully Friday I'll have the DIY post up on the sign I made for above our bed.
In the mean time, let me know what you think or feel free to ask any questions about any of my décor ideas.


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  2. Regina your bedroom looks simply amazing! I'm continuously impressed with your creative genius! Fantastic job on the sign. Your room looks like it is straight out of a magazine. :)

  3. Just smashingly lovely!!! Every detail thought through. Happy for you!

  4. Fabulous job!! I have too many favorites in this room but that pallet sign you made is at the top of my list. Seriously, it made my heart flutter! In addition, you are a girl after my heart with all those throw pillows. I am the queen of throw pillows and never believe you can have too many.

  5. I want to curl up under that throw right now! It looks so cozy!

  6. Um this is STUNNING! please come to my home and give my bedroom a makeover!! love love love it all!

  7. This is AMAZING! I have wanted to do our bedroom for so long (like 10 years) but have no decorating skills at ALL! Even paint color seems overwhelming! LOL

  8. I have a question for you. I am redoing my guest room in this theme. All of my furniture (headboard, dresser, chest, bedside tables) are brown. My Aunt who I am redoing the room for, is partial to bright colors especially turquoise. So I am seriously considering painting the desk turquoise and using peacock drawer pulls. Having lived in this room for a while now do you think a pop of color would be a welcome addition? My pillows are more plain but same colors and I am only using 3. I also am keeping my plain white down comforter. My other decor is actually very similar to yours. I love the teal shelf!


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