Tuesday, January 28, 2014

girl nursery decor : for ashlynn

Hi y'all! With 3 boys, I'm missing out on all things frilly, ruffly, and girly. Would I trade my boys for a girl? Nope! But it sure would be nice to have a little girly stuff around sometime. 

One of our awesome couple friends (You know, those friends where the husbands are friends who talk often and the wives are the same? Not the business where the wives are friends but the husbands don't really know each other or vice versa.) recently found out they are having a little girl. Since Hillary is probably suffering from pregnancy brain and knows I have been itching to design a girl's nursery, she contacted me Friday evening about putting something together for them. HOORAY!!! 

Hillary has already picked out the bedding and furniture, but didn't really know where to go after that. Back when I painted chevron stripes in one of our boys' rooms she loved it! She also said she didn't really want pink because it was "too overdone". Totally understand that. Hillary knows I've been redoing our master bedroom in peacock colors and said she liked those... so I took alllllll of that information, plus my own creative liberties, and put together four, yes FOUR, inspiration boards for her. Because I just couldn't help myself. I NEED SOME GIRLYNESS Y'ALL! lol. 

So here we go: 

Ashlynn 1: bold and dramatic

Okay, I know Hillary said she didn't want pink and purple because they are "too overdone" but come on, how can you deny a girl who looks at blues, trucks, and dirt all the time to not put together a little "girly" board? Haha. For this board I stepped away from the typical light pinks and purples and went for a bolder magenta, paired with a dramatic neon purple. The effect is a more sophisticated pairing of the two colors and definitely makes a room that a girl can grow up in. Pastels for a baby are fine, but by the time they're 2 or 3, you'll be over it. These colors, I don't think she'll outgrow for several years. 

I mimicked the fancy look of the damask bedding with a chandelier, a scroll-style frame, and lots of fun textures that add an air of fanciness to them such as that textured valance and satiny pillow in the rocking chair. All in all... this room hit the spot for sophisticated girlyness with it's bold and dramatic colors, textures, and patterns.  

Ashlynn 2:bright and fun

At one point Hillary asked what I thought about doing a chevron wall with different colors for each chevron. I told her I thought it would be too busy with the bedding she picked out, but I do love a good chevron. So for this board I used a softer, more subtle chevron where you use a neutral color for all four walls, then a lighter shade of that neutral for the chevron stripes. Subtle, but brilliant. But to create a more bright and fun nursery I went with shades of teal/turquoise, pink and purple, accented with black and white to go with the bedding. Wall art can be customized for quotes that are meaningful to Hillary and Jeremy, and can be made to fit the color scheme of the room. Perfect all around. 

Going with neutral (but nicely done) walls, Jeremy and Hillary can easily update this room with new, fresh colors as Ashlynn grows and starts having her own opinions of colors. 

And now... here's where I kind of went overboard. The next two boards aren't really done with the colors Hillary talked to me about, but I just couldn't help myself. 

Jeremy and Hillary are HUGE Disney fans. They've been to Disneyland... Disneyworld... uh oh... I'm going to be in trouble for this one... they've been to a Disney amusement park several times and it's a big part of who they are. They are also fans of the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER!) and so I thought maybe some crimson and cream plus Disney flair could create a perfect nursery. And boy did it!

Ashlynn 3: Disney-inspired

Blacks, whites, reds are such a perfect combination. I love them! With some subtle horizontal (or vertical) stripes, I think this room would be a great place to grow up. And little Ashlynn would always associate the color combination with comfort and shelter... just like OU and Disneyland. ;) Haha.

And then I decided to go a little wild.... ;)

Ashlynn 4: all things shnazzy

Eggplant and chartreuse were the two colors I went with for this board. Something with flair and vibrance to really make a nursery shnazzy. You definitely wouldn't look at this board and think typical nursery. And that's what makes me love it so much! I just knew I was going to love the dark purples and dark pinks of the 1st board, but now I'm completely smitten with this one. 

So which do you like best? Do you like "typical" nursery colors or do you like going outside of the box with something more bold and daring?


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