Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY : Stamped Wooden Dessert Spoons

Hi y'all! The Christmas rush is in full swing and that's apparent every time I go to Lubbock and see people going crazy trying to get their final party supplies and last minute gifts. People are getting mad-crazy out there y'all!

We just had our last Christmas party this past weekend and now we're looking forward to having a couple of Christmases with my family so that will be fun. Putting together the Youth Christmas Party every year is fun, but also challenging. It has to be fun for the kids, but not too crazy since parents are also attending. Last year for the dessert table we did decorate your own cupcakes. Which the kids loved, but was pretty messy. This year I decided to try something different by doing individual desserts. This really isn't much of a DIY since it's a pretty self-explanatory, but it was a fun idea and I think everyone, kids & adults, really liked it. It didn't hurt that the dessert was super yummy too. 

What you need:

Some cute wooden spoons, a stamp set, and an ink pad. That's all you need and you can stamp whatever you'd like. :) I put them in my Peppermint Mocha Delight and called it good. Easy, peasy!

And now that we have those formalities out of the way, I have a little surprise for you. My blog design is coming right along beautifully and if you're following me on Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed that I said I would share some hints about the beauty that's coming. So here it is... Hint #1:


Pinterest   (clipped to polyvore.com)

Does that give you any kind of a hint? More hints will be released on my Facebook and Twitter pages so make sure you are following me to see what's in store. :) 

And with that, how's everyone doing? Are you ready for Christmas or do you still have a few last-minute errands to run?


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  1. Ooh, I like that hint because I think it's telling me perhaps that you are using that yummy color in your new blog design??? Also, I adore, adore, adore these spoons. I think I told you that I have that same stamp set but I never even thought about how I could use them for something like this. I am definitely inspired!


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