Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Goodies

Hi y'all! Happy Monday! I know, I know... for most that's an oxymoron, but come on. It's Thanksgiving week! What if just this one week we are grateful for Monday instead of grumbling at it's beginning of work week signaling. Maybe it's different for me this week since I've taken this week off so that means no work for me until NEXT Monday *fist bump*! Maybe it's different for me since I'm going to watch Catching Fire tonight *double fist bump*. Maybe it's because I can feel a cold coming on and it's driving me crazy. No. I'm not fist-bumping that one. But maybe, maybe since it is the week of Thanksgiving, and maybe since we're all thinking about various things we're thankful for, we can be thankful for this Monday. Because, if nothing else, we made it. Whaddya think? No? Yes? Maybe?

Well... while you mull over in your head the perplexities and ironies of being thankful for a Monday, let me just carry on with this post... ;)

The past couple of years I have participated (sometimes poorly) in the month of thankful posts that happen every November. You know, the ones on Facebook where people post what they are thankful for that day. I don't know why I didn't participate this year. I wasn't trying to be rebellious or take some sort of stand, I just didn't participate. But this week, with the anticipation of my mother-in-love's delicious mashed-potatoes and yummy ham, and sharing lots of jokes and laughter with my bro & sis-in-love, and watching Julius's face light up when we tell him it's time to open presents all looming in front of me, I can't help but be absolutely swept up in all things thanksgiving. So... this week I will be bringing to you a few posts full of giving thanks. Some more serious, some more materialistic. Today we will be leaning towards the ladder of the two. ;) 

Here is a collection of lovely goodies that would be sure to brighten your home or table (or pup) this Thanksgiving. Perhaps you still have time to order some of these items. Or perhaps they will inspire you to make something of your own to take to your parents', in-law's, or to jazz up your own home. 

giving thanks

Just lovely! I always put up my Christmas tree after Halloween, but when it comes to the actual week of Thanksgiving, I tend to regret it and wish I still had my fall/Thanksgiving decor still up. At least in places. Haha. But the weekend after Thanksgiving when I'm all relaxed and chill and people are scrambling to get up their Christmas decorations so their children stop pestering them and when I'm not taking my Christmas decor down less than a month after going through all the work of putting it all out, I remember why I put out my decorations early. 

But still, I just adore these lovely and simple decor pieces. And that bow tie! What a fun way to get your pet in the Thanksgiving spirit! And if that "Be Thankful" print gives you warm fuzzies like it does me, let me just make your day by telling you that it's a digital print. That's right. You can purchase the item, receive it instantly, and print it out at home to put in a frame and have a quick and easy (but beautiful) handmade decor. 

Tomorrow we are somehow going to load up the clothing, toys, Christmas gifts, pack-n-play, etc. needed for a 5 day/4 night trip to my husband's parents with us and our 3 children. I'm not sure how all of that will be accomplished, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to go, a way to get there, and people to take with me. 



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