Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Christmas Card Time! {a review}

Hi y'all! I hope you have recovered from your day of feasting! We had a wonderful day starting with Joey, Joey's brother, Joey's brother's wife and I participating in a 5K in Amarillo. We ran as much as we could, but we still ended up walking a chunk of it. I'd forgotten how terrible it was to run outside in the cold. I think I'll stick with the treadmill in a warm gym thankyouverymuch. haha. We came home, napped/rested, feasted, rested, exchanged Christmas presents, played games... it was such a grand day!

{ Picture courtesy of George }

However you spent your day yesterday, I hope it was wonderful and filled with love and thanksgiving for all the blessings in your life. And although I absolutely love Thanksgiving and everything it means (family & food), with it being behind us now it's time to dive headfirst into the Christmas season. And with that, means time to get busy working on Christmas cards. 

I know Christmas is one of the times when I tend to not procrastinate as much (I shop for gifts year round) and Christmas cards is definitely one of those things where if you wait a bit too long, you will definitely be working against the clock. Luckily, I found a great website, Tiny Prints, that can help you get Christmas Cards checked off your list in no time. With thousands of design options, personalizations, and customizations it's the perfect place to order cards showcasing your lovely family. I was recently invited to write a blog post high-lighting some of my favorite designs but with SOOO many choices, I had the hardest time trying to narrow it down. But, to keep this as short as possible and still providing all of my lovely readers a good feel for Tiny Prints, I've broken them down into 3 major categories.  

Multi-Picture Cards

I like to share pictures of us throughout the year on our Christmas cards so I'm a fan of the multi-picture cards. 

Having so many different colors will help when you aren't sure if the color of your outfits will clash with the color of your cards. 

I love the background "sweater" look. 

These darling scalloped edges are available on many different card designs. 

I love the chalkboard look of this card. 

Super sweet!

Glittery Cards

I love the sparkle and shine of these cards. 

For those that want a little sparkle with their holiday card. 

Isn't this just lovely and happy?

You can order nearly any card design with different edges. Rounded corners, scalloped edges like the "peace" card above, and in brackets like this card. It just gives it such an elegant look doesn't it?

Another of the edge options can be seen here. 

I love the pretty doodles on this card. 

Tri-Fold Cards

After browsing through the tri-fold cards, I definitely want to order tri-fold cards next Christmas. They're just so glamorous and full of pictures! I love them!

I adore all these darling trees!

So pretty!!

For the families that love The Beatles... or just love. ;)

How merry and Christmas-y!

This is a great card if you want to include a LOT of pictures. 

Well, those are some of my favorites. But you really need to visit the Tiny Prints website and see all of the gorgeous design options. And right now you can get FREE SHIPPING by entering code FS13 at checkout. Woo-Hoo! 

Creating your Christmas card is really easy. Just choose your design, upload your photos, and order! Easy peasy! It may be the easiest thing to check off your Holiday To-Do List!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!



{Note: While I was invited to write a review of Tiny Prints cards, I was not paid to do so or financially compensated in any way.}


  1. Oh, I love Christmas cards and have mine almost ready to send. I used Shutterfly. There are so many lovely sites for cards. Happy weekend!

  2. I love the ones with the gold sprakly wording and designs on them!


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