Wednesday, November 6, 2013

inspiration : peacock bedroom makeover

Hi y'all! The alternate title to this post could be, "Giant peacocks speak to me and help me with my interior design choices." But that is a really long title and just makes me sound like a crazy person...

Like I said in my 13 in 2013 update earlier this week, Joey and I have been updating our master suite. It started with some paint, and now it's just getting crazy with all the upgrades and updates. We've painted, added crown molding, redone a few things, bought all new bedroom furniture, all new bed linens, all new room decor. Our room is getting a complete makeover. It's going to look fabulous!

We want our bedroom to be a retreat, an oasis, a haven if you will, where we can go and relax when all the children are in bed. With three little ones, sometimes it's challenging to find a sitter, but we can always relax and watch a movie, or catch up on some much-needed sleep. We just want a nice place to find some peace and tranquility. So I have been planning for years to redo our bedroom in shades of purple. I love the color purple and thought this would be perfect for a "retreat/spa-type" room. Joey is all about warm colors, reds, browns, etc. so it took some convincing to get him to convert to the cool colors of greys, whites, purples. But I finally convinced him, mainly because I kept putting off redoing the bedroom until he was just so ready for the bedroom to be done, that he didn't care if I did the entire thing fuchsia and baby pink. Okay, he probable would have minded that. But, he did finally come around to my dreams of a purple bedroom. 

And then... I changed my mind. 

I know... I know... all that stalling and convincing, and when I finally get what I want, I change my mind. Typical woman right? Well... sadly, it's true.

I was at Kirkland's looking for some of those branches that have lights on them when I stumbled upon this: 

A giant canvas print of a peacock. 

You know the Pier 1 commercials where things speak to people? It happens at Kirkland's too. I've always loved the color of peacocks and have often thought that I might get a peacock feather tattoo some day just because I love the colors. I've also sen pictures of peacock-themed weddings and thought they were just GORGEOUS. But I had never thought about a peacock-themed bedroom until I saw this painting. It spoke to me and said, "Regina, you need to do a peacock-themed bedroom. It will have the purples that you love, and blues that will make Joey feel more comfortable. Plus, the blues are those teals and aquas that you love. Everyone wins."

So, I texted Joey the photo above, called him and told him I found a giant peacock painting that I wanted. We started face-timing (anyone else do this, or are we the only goofy ones?) and I walked around Kirkland's showing him things I liked, and he'd stop me if he saw something he liked. Joey liked my peacock-themed bedroom idea (although I didn't tell him that the giant peacock was the one that had the idea), and so we started searching (me in Kirkland's and him via facetime) for other pieces we would like. The giant peacock above was about $150. Honestly, not a bad price and I really loved it. But we decided it was just too big for our bedroom. So I found this little gem: 

And this guy came home with me that night. 

I absolutely love it. 

And the display behind had some gorgeous vases/candle holders with peacock colors, so I bought one of those (and later went back and bought two more). 

We're not ready for a big reveal yet. We still have more decorations to buy, a shelf to buy and hang above our bed, throw pillows to buy, regular pillows to buy, and just a couple more odds and ends. So, I'm sorry... this isn't a big reveal post. But, this IS an inspiration post and here is my inspiration board for our bedroom makeover: 

peacock bedroom

Think crisp white linens and white accents, with bold pops of teals, purples, chartreuses (is that even a word? it is now) scattered throughout. A bedroom haven that has enough color to keep things interesting, but enough neutrals to keep things tranquil. 

It's going to be absolutely lovely. 

I'm hoping we'll have everything done by the end of the year and I'll be able to do a big reveal of our new room by then. *crosses fingers*

What do you think? Have you ever seen/wanted a peacock-themed bedroom? 




  1. I absolutely LOVE the colors! I love the peacock tutu little girl costumes and I am really hoping I can convince at least ONE of my girls to be a peacock for Halloween one of these years. With the ninja turtle thing this year I didn't get a chance, but maybe next year. :) Actually, I have considered doing the girls' room in these colors, but someone LOVES pink, so I think I am overruled.

  2. what beautiful colors....peacocks are amazing. I can just see God smiling when he created them, just for our viewing pleasure.

  3. I also love your colors. Purple is one of my favorites. Peacocks are so beautiful. What a beautiful theme


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