Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY : Painted Cards

Hi y'all! All last week I was looking forward to the weekend because I had all these crafty projects I wanted to do/finish and I knew I didn't have anything else planned for the weekend. Then I realized Joey would be gone Friday night and most of Saturday because he was speaking at a retreat in NM. At first I was bummed, but then I thought it over and realized I could still get some stuff done while the kids were napping or playing by themselves AND there was one project on my list that I could actually do with the kids. Win, win, win all around! 

I've seen several projects on Pinterest that use washi tape and paint to create works of art for home decor, gifts, etc. I wanted to create something that I could send to our kids' grandparents so they could have a fun little work of art from our kiddos. You know, since our refrigerator is absolutely covered in crafts from Julius's Wee Care ("school") and from Julius and McCrae's church projects, I thought it would be fun to share the wealth with the grandparents. Besides, what grandparent doesn't love a fun gift from their grandchild every now and then? But, the thing is, I didn't want to do big canvases for these projects, I wanted something much smaller and easier to ship. And voila! I decided to have them paint greeting cards so we could easily ship them AND they would be a smaller project that the kids could handle. And thus, our Saturday project was born!

I chose to attempt do this project with my kids, but this is one you can do by yourself if your kids aren't old enough or if momma just needs some time to get crafty and quiet her nerves. Because I totally understand both of those. Julius did really well with this project and he will be 3 in January. McCrae did not do very well at all and he's 18 months. If that helps guide you on deciding who to include in this project. 

What you need:
Cards & Envelopes
Painter's Tape
Washi Tape
Paint brush

Step One : 
Place your washi tape on the cards to create a "winter"/"Christmas" pattern. 

I have to admit, the tree pattern was more difficult than the snowflake. It required more thinking, cutting, and strategy. It looks great, but if you're in a hurry or don't want to think much, just go for the carefree snowflake. 

Step Two : 
Once you have your washi tape pattern on your cards, tape them to the painting area with painter's tape. This serves two purposes: 1) to keep the cards from moving (especially if you're painting with your little one and 2) it keeps you from painting the back of the card. 

If you're painting with your little one(s), put one of your old t-shirts over them to protect them from the paint. 

The paint can be any colors and you can just paint all one color, or do several colors for an ombre effect. 

Step Three : 

Paint all over the white part of the front of the card. 

Just look at the use of color!!

Trying out the two-handed technique. Like a boss!

Pondering the perplexities of too many brush strokes and not enough. 

All kidding aside, I put the paint on his paint brush, guided him so he covered all of the white areas, and helped with a little shading here and there, but the rest of it he did himself and totally loved. In fact, he's asked several times since then to paint again. Definitely going to have to come up with some more painting projects for him to do.

I tried to let McCrae do the green ones. It didn't work out. He got mad, didn't want to do it, got paint on his hand and the cover shirt, so I hurriedly painted the green cards, so I could take McCrae back in and get him cleaned up.

Step Four : 

When the cards are dry, remove the washi tape and marvel at the beauty and simplicity of your new cards. Really, if you wanted to get crazy, you could have your kids help you make lots of these cards and this year for Christmas you can send out hand-painted Christmas cards. Wouldn't you just be the envy of moms everywhere. lol. 

Didn't they turn out great? I love them! 

Plus, Julius had fun participating, when I showed him the results he said they were "beautiful", he's now very interested in painting and crafting, and I can't wait to ship these off to all the grandparents. I'm sure they will love them!

Have fun!


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