Monday, November 4, 2013

13 in 2013 : an update {2}

Hi y'all! If you've been following my blog for a while, you know that every year I set out with a certain number of goals to accomplish. Sometimes I'm really successful, sometimes not so much. But regardless, I'm always proud of the progress I make each year and that's why I keep going. This year, with the "big blog break of 2013" I admit, I went for months where I didn't even think about my goals for the year. Even though I might not have been making an effort in thinking about my goals. I was still working towards some of them. And since I have just under 2 months of this year left (let's pause for a moment while that sinks in...), I think it's the perfect time to update everyone on the progress I've made so far and see if I can check off any other goals for the year. 

(If you're way behind on my goals, you can read the original post here.)

_X_ 1. Go on a vacation with Joey. Done! I'm proud to say after 7 years together, we finally got our honeymoon. We took a trip this summer which I will update you all about soon. It was wonderful!

_X_ 2. Pay off two more debts. I'm proud to say we actually took care of this earlier this year. HOORAY! We paid off one credit card and our December payment for another credit account will be pay off that account in full. It's so exciting! We also sold our house in Levelland (FINALLY) so that is another payment that doesn't have to made. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

_X_ 3. Increase our savings account. With no more mortgage payments, we've had more money each month to go towards other bills, accounts, and our savings. We had to use some of that savings after our car accident, but we've still got a tiny bit that we will continue building on. 

___ 4. Finish decorating the boys' room 100%. I hate to admit, this one isn't happening. Not unless I get some serious motivation, energy, and... oh yeah.. TIME! With the 3rd child in the picture, free time is a very precious commodity. There have also been some changes made... First off, Julius and McCrae now share a room and Luke has his own room. Julius and McCrae will soon be moved over to Luke's room and will have the World Traveler theme. Luke will be moved over to the grey room and will have the Go Wild! theme. We have things ordered and we are making progress in those rooms, but it's slow. But, I'm confident this next year they will be done. And who knows, maybe things will fall together in these next two months where I can get at least one room done. :) 

_X_ 5. Makeover 2 other rooms. Yeah, I know I wasn't supposed to worry about this one until I finished the boys' rooms, but I kind of got out voted. Joey was ready for our bedroom to be done (and honestly I was too) so we just started working on it. I'll share my inspiration board for that soon. ;) But so far, we've gotten a good start on redoing the master bedroom and bathroom. It's all very exciting!

_/_ 6. Exercise more and exercise consistently. I will say I've exercised more this year than I have in previous years, but I'm still lacking on the consistency. Which, I have 3 kids and a life so I should really cut myself some slack, but still... I would like the consistency to be better for the rest of the year and next year. That's why I only gave myself half an "X". haha.

___ 7. Lose 30 pounds. So far this year I've lose about 15-17 pounds. Not bad, but not my goal. My goal for the rest of the year is to NOT gain any of that weight back. If I can stay this weight or keep losing through the holidays then I KNOW I will reach that goal in no time. 

___ 8. Run a 5K. Well.... this hasn't gone exactly as planned. But, I am still planning to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I'm not confident about the running part of it, but we'll see what I can do. 

___ 9. Try 4 new things every month. Not really sure how I did on this one to be honest. I have tried a lot of new things this year. I'll include more about that in future updates and a yearly recap. Here's a hint... 

___ 10. Read the Bible in one year. Nope, but I am participating in an online Bible study right now. 

___ 11. Write more. Since I went forever without blogging, I think this one is a no. 

___ 12. Be an encourager. Sadly, I don't think I've done this one as much as I could have. Maybe I should carry this one over?

_X_ 13. Scrapbook. I have to say, I did make progress on this one. I'm almost finished with scrapbooks from 2 years ago. Maybe I can get them finished before the end of the year. It really won't take long to do them. 

Okay, there's my update. Lots of stuff going on and hopefully I can check off a few more things on my lists before the end of the year. 

Anyone have any resolutions or goals for the year that you'd like to update on?



  1. Well, I just started the couch to 5K program! I am on week 2 and it is tough, but getting easier. I considered signing up for a Turkey Trot, but I am not so sure I am ready. I think I do need some kind of deadline to keep pushing myself. I am not sure how I am going to keep squeezing in the running time when wrestling season starts, though.

    You are doing great on your goals! (Especially since this year has brought way more changes than you could have foreseen!)


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