Thursday, October 31, 2013

me : updates galore

Hi y'all! Happy Halloween!!! Are your Christmas decorations up yet? ;) haha. Mine might start making their way out this weekend. Just saying... 

Well, I have several updates for you all and there's lots of great news, good news, and some not so great news. But stick with me!

First off, I'm coming back to blogging! HOORAY!! Oh how I've missed this. I knew I couldn't devote my time to blogging with 3 kids, a job, AND taking on school, and there were lots of things that I had to cut out of my life. But blogging is one that I really, really missed. I'm glad to be back. 

The reason I'm able to come back is because I've withdrawn from school. Remember, I was going back to school because it's paid for by my company so I thought, why not? But my company is most likely going to be sold, which means I would lose my tuition benefits. So no free school means no school. Plus, there's just so much other stuff going on right now, it's best for me to step back from school. I'm frustrated that I'm (yet again) not finishing a degree, but honestly, I'm more relieved that I'm not going to have to stress about it. I took 3 courses this summer, I made the Dean's List, I realized I absolutely could do this if I wanted to, so all in all, I have no regrets. ZERO. Later on I'll try again. If I get the gumption to do so that is. ;) haha

With me coming back to blogging, be on the lookout for a new design and layout. I might play around with that a bit more. We'll see... 

Second, we have had more tests done on Luke so I do have an update for him. The ophthalmologist did an exam under anesthesia and confirmed that Luke is blind and that he has been since before birth. According to this doctor, there's nothing that can be done for him to fix it. Joey and I haven't had a chance to sit down and seriously discuss getting a second opinion. Also, there are some other things that he saw in Luke's eyes that could mean he has two different kinds of syndromes, which could also mean he has some mental disabilities. Nothing is confirmed about that yet, there's still more tests to be done and more doctors to see. I hate that this poor guy can't get a break when it comes to the genetic department, but I know that we absolutely love him to death and are so thankful to have this special little miracle baby in our lives. 

We were waiting at the doctor for his pre-procedure evaluation and he was trying to figure out how to eat his binky. haha. I just LOVE his expression. 

October means we are celebrating TWO years since Julius was brought into our home. Wow. Oh how much our lives have changed since then. He is such a special little boy who brings laughter and smiles wherever he goes. He loves playing with the iPad, watching Cars 2, and showing off for people. He's such a smarty and we've finally reached the wonderful phase where he isn't screaming and crying when we drop him off for Parent's Day Out. Hooray!!

My mom made this awesome nap mat for Julius for his "school". He absolutely loves it!

Even little brother likes Julius's nap mat. We had forgotten to send the new mat with Julius to school and we found McCrae falling asleep on it. So precious!

McCrae is growing and growing. He's very quiet, and very sneaky. There's really never a time where he's not trying to get into something. He is the one that wanders around the house trying to find something that he can get into and play with, destroy, etc. Tuesday we found toilet paper strewn through the house.... where he had grabbed the end of the roll and just started walking. Great. But even with his mischievousness, he's also super sweet. He likes to cuddle and sit in your lap. It's precious. 

That's the major update. Soon, I'll post about our awesome vacation and it's terrible ending, some updates and upgrades we've made around the house, and I'll update you on how I did this year on my goal of 13 in 2013. Remember that? Yep, lots of updates to be done. 

If you've been with me for a while, thanks for sticking with me and being a supporter and encouragement during this crazy year. If you're new, WELCOME! Love having you. 

Stay tuned for all the updates... I promise you don't want to miss out on some of these stories. haha. 




  1. I think of you and pray for you and your family often. :) Your little boys are so blessed to have you! My sister and her husband (Gideon's parents) have custody of their baby niece right now. It is a difficult situation and it just makes me respect what you guys do even more.

    And you absolutely CAN do school, but you don't HAVE to do it now. Sounds like you have been called to something even more important at the moment. :)


  2. Well, sounds like to me that your wagon is very loaded without the pressure of school on top of it. I am so sorry about little Luke but I pray the Lord will see you all through whatever may lie ahead with him. So precious! Looking forward to hearing more from you.


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