Saturday, August 24, 2013

on being outnumbered, surviving, and adoptions. { an update }

Let me just preface this entire thing to say that I started this in June. Yes... June. And I'm just now finishing now why? Seriously... if you have to ask me that, I don't even know you. 

Let's just call this part one of a ___-part update. I have some spare time [insert maniacal laughter here] coming up soon, so what better time to update everyone on all the craziness that is my life as a mom, wife, student, employee, etc. 

So here goes... remember, this was written in June: 


Hi y'all!

I know, I know, it's been forever. When I said I may not have time to blog much with school and everything going on, I might have underestimated it a touch. My days were absolutely too full to take on social media too. BUT, since I do have a little time today, I thought I'd write a blog to catch everyone up on what's been happening. 

{ Luke }

Luke is the third little one that we have now. He has red hair right now and, of course, I'm really hoping he keeps it. :) He's a little doll, but he has changed the dynamic of our family. Since we are now outnumbered by the kids, it definitely takes some strategy, advanced planning, and lots of patience to handle all three of them. Most of the time, it's not too bad since Luke still sleeps a lot. The afternoons are the most challenging because Luke gets really fussy in the afternoons. He has a few hours every afternoon where he just wants to be held and rocked, and of course, that can be kind of challenging when you're working or taking care of two other little boys. But, once the afternoon fussies are over, he sleeps great in the evening while the other two boys play, eat dinner, take baths, and go to bed. I definitely think the key to survival right now is routine. We have our routine and we try to not deviate from it too much at all. So far, it's working, and everyone is doing great!

{ me anxiously anticipating Luke's arrival }

{ the day we got him, this is the first time I fed him }

{ Luke's first nap with Lorie }

{ I'm the kind of mom that puts her (willing) sons in cute, adorable hats. I am and I have no shame in that. haha }

{ we got his pictures made at about 3 weeks of age }

{ I love this one. I'm still planning on sending out birth announcements. The cd of his pictures got lost in the mail so we're waiting on a new one. }

{ momma and Luke. When they say they grow so fast they aren't kidding. He's already outgrown this and many other outfits. }

{ Happy 2 months little one. ;) And look at his red hair!!! }

{ McCrae }

McCrae is the middle child now and in true middle-child fashion, he has to fight for attention. With getting Luke, VBS going on, working on school stuff, and a trip to OKC for work meetings, I completely flopped on organizing McCrae's first birthday like I had originally planned. But, that's okay, a trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in a cute Cowboy-themed birthday party and everything turned out fine. The kids had fun, the grown-ups got to visit, and McCrae had fun with all the kids and got several great presents... even if his own mom and dad didn't have a present for him at party time. haha. Like I said, middle child. 

{ McCrae, just like Julius about this time last year, has discovered the cabinets in the living room where we keep the wipes. Which now means two children in and out of the empty cabinets, opening and closing doors. This will be the main reason I am eventually committed to the looney bin. The sound of cabinet doors slamming shut. }

{ Here's how it goes. McCrae starts playing with the cabinet doors. He empties all of the wipe containers out of the cabinets, this gets Julius' attention who comes over to play as well. McCrae crawls in, Julius crawls in, Julius shuts the door, McCrae screams because he's confined in a dark space, Julius laughs and opens the door, Julius crawls out and shuts McCrae in by himself, McCrae screams, Julius opens the door, McCrae crawls out, repeat. Oh sure, he looks so happy and cute in the picture, but that picture represents a mother's sanity swirling around down the drain. }

{ And then we have moments like this. Every morning the boys gets their milk and they lay in the floor watching tv. It only lasts about 15 minutes before they are crawling around and creating havoc, but those 15 minutes are part of our routine and I cherish them. }

{ Since I had to buy McCrae's birthday cake pre-made, it didn't come with a smash cake. So I made one for him, decorated it, and let him dig in at cake time. Here he is investigating the cake for the first time. I thought he would LOVE his smash cake since he has had cake before and really likes it. I was wrong. }

{ Once he got his fingers covered with icing, he was done. It was too sticky and he did not like it. Oh well... we tried. ;) haha. }


And that's it! That's as far as I got! Haha... see what I mean about not having time? Yeah... totally wasn't kidding. So let me pick up where I left off...

{ Julius }

Ahh... the joys of a two-year old. Any mothers out there that know what I'm talking are now saying in their heads, "Bless her heart". Which is so true. Julius is great! He's energetic, fun, loves laughing and making others laugh, he's dramatic, theatrical, obsessed with cars, and talks all the time. Like... all. the. time. He's exhausting, but he's also really awesome! I can't wait to see what things are in store for this kid. 

Also, probably the biggest news, he's officially ours. HELLO!

That's right folks, even though we couldn't even get through the adoption part of it without a huge hiccup, we finally made it through and he's officially ours. 

(photography by Simply Beautiful)


What a long journey it has been. But so worth it. I just love this little guy and am so glad he's mine!!! I have lots more photos from the adoption, but of course, I can't post them on here until the grandparents have seen them. 

{ school }

I (somehow) survived my first session of school and managed to make a 89.6 in the class. Parts of it were harder than I anticipated and other parts were easier.

Okay, that's literally all the time I have right now since children are waking up and crying and pestering each other... 

But another update will come soon, I promise. And this one will be all about our July and August... which let me tell you... was even crazier than May and June. 


  1. It is great to catch up. Whew...I'm tired just reading about it but so happy for you!!

  2. Oh, bless your heart! Yes, routine is the "name of the game" for Moms, well, really for everyone. Hang in there, you and your hubby are to be commended for sure! Making such a difference in these precious little boys lives.

  3. Cute family!! Congratulations on the adoption!! - such a great thing :-) :-)

  4. YAY that you have a redhead! :) Thanks for updating... I have been thinking about you!

  5. how wonderful...God is so good, and has blessed you abundantly! Julius resembles Daddy, must be the dark hair. lol

  6. I've been missing your posts! I'm so glad everything is alright with you and the kids!


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