Tuesday, May 7, 2013

inspiration : and here we go...

Hi y'all! Yesterday was a big day! My first "official" day of school. The class actually opened Sunday and I had already gotten started, but still, let's not split straws. I'm excited that it's here and I'm anxious about what this new endeavor is going to bring to my life. I big part of me thinks I'm taking on way too much. Another part of me thinks if I never get started on this, I'm never going to finish it. Either way, it's happening. Time to embrace it, time to tackle it, and time to finally follow through with one of my dreams. 

And to provide a little motivation : 

Do you have a dream? A goal? A wish? What's holding you back? The quote about time passing anyway was a big kicker to me. I have been guilty of saying "I'll do it later" or "One day... " and it finally hit me, one day will never get here if I don't change that from "one day" to "today". 

So here I go. Not to follow my dreams, but to chase them down like a lion chasing a gazelle. 

Do you have a dream? Are you ready to be a lion?


  1. what great quotes!!! and time will pass anyway...
    Unfortunately (or maybe not) at this point in my life I don't have any "real dreams" waiting to be realized. I am very happy and content. Of course, I have my "bucket list" but nothing that I will regret if I don't cross it off the list. I think it's great that you're chasing your dream! I hear you ROAR sister. hahahaha


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