Wednesday, May 8, 2013

me : to a family a five now?

Hi y'all! Life sure knows how to throw a person a curve ball, huh? Or in my case a sliding, curving, change-up. That's just how I roll. 

I started my first class this week. And I'm all kinds of excited about that. Monday I felt in charge and on top of the world. I totally got this!

Then comes Tuesday. Oh Tuesday...

The day was going pretty normal (which is how all of these posts start I've come to realize). (Beware of the "normal" days. Those are the ones that get you!!) The therapist for McCrae was coming early which shook things up a bit but no big deal. He and I were talking and he asked if there were any new developments on McCrae's case. I said no. We were just waiting on the final hearing next month and then the case should quickly move to adoption. All good things. I also told him that there were rumors that McCrae's mom was pregnant, but I had finally come to the conclusion that she wasn't. That she had told so many different stories and given so many different due dates, I was convinced she had just said those things for attention or to keep a guy around or something (not like she would be the first one to do something like that, am I right?) but that she wasn't actually pregnant. Caseworkers even saw her a couple weeks ago and couldn't confirm if she was actually pregnant. So I pass on all this information to the therapist and I kid you now, within 5 minutes my phone rang and it was our caseworker. She asked if I had any idea why she was calling. I immediately thought something had gone wrong with our state licensing inspection a couple weeks ago. I said no, and that's when she delivered the news:

McCrae's mom had had a baby on Sunday. 

Um... excuse me? Come again?

Yeah, another baby. 

Since we had the sibling already, were we interested in taking in another one? I told her I'd have to talk to Joey and get back to her. 

Joey was gone and had left his phone at home so I had an hour or so to sit and stew about this. I thought about everything. Big picture stuff, day-to-day stuff, the ifs, the whens, the what abouts. I thought about it all. Then Joey came home and we talked about it together and came to a decision. Yes, we'd take the new baby too. 

Are we crazy?

Quite possibly. 

Is it going to be hard?

Most definitely. It's going to completely change the dynamic of our family. We will now always be outnumbered. Always. 

Is the timing terrible?

Umm... yes. I mean, I just started school! But when is the timing ever perfect? I mean seriously?!?! We've never had perfect timing with anything. And honestly, there is never a "perfect" time for something. There will always be challenges. That's called life. 

How are we feeling?

I'm so glad you asked. Right now we're kind of in shock. We're kinda freakin' out a little. We're anxious, nervous, excited, worried. We're feeling the same thing any other expectant parents are feeling. We're worried about our other kids, our jobs, our schedules. It's a crazy thing! But, and I can't speak for Joey on this one but I know for me, I'm also feeling joy. Love. I'm ready to meet this new baby and love on him and watch him grow up just like we've done with BB and McCrae. I'm worried about having kids so young so close together, but I'm excited that they'll get to play together and be together and be best friends. That's awesome! I'm also really thankful. He tested negative for all the drug screenings. He's a preemie (like McCrae) but he's strong & healthy. And, he's coming to us probably today. 

So, just like I have done before... a letter:

Dear Baby, 

I can hardly wait to meet you. Your brothers have no idea what's coming, but I'm sure it won't be too long before you're all playing together. You're alone right now at the hospital, but soon you'll never be lonely again. You'll always have your brothers to play with, talk to, fight with, and lean on. And you'll always have momma and daddy. No matter what. I already love you forever and always. 



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

inspiration : and here we go...

Hi y'all! Yesterday was a big day! My first "official" day of school. The class actually opened Sunday and I had already gotten started, but still, let's not split straws. I'm excited that it's here and I'm anxious about what this new endeavor is going to bring to my life. I big part of me thinks I'm taking on way too much. Another part of me thinks if I never get started on this, I'm never going to finish it. Either way, it's happening. Time to embrace it, time to tackle it, and time to finally follow through with one of my dreams. 

And to provide a little motivation : 

Do you have a dream? A goal? A wish? What's holding you back? The quote about time passing anyway was a big kicker to me. I have been guilty of saying "I'll do it later" or "One day... " and it finally hit me, one day will never get here if I don't change that from "one day" to "today". 

So here I go. Not to follow my dreams, but to chase them down like a lion chasing a gazelle. 

Do you have a dream? Are you ready to be a lion?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

inspiration : may moods {2013}

Hi y'all! I've been wanting to do another moods post, but it seemed silly to do an April moods post when May was literally, just around the corner. So... I've been waiting patiently for May to arrive so I can share with you what's been going on in my world. 

Okay, I'll admit it, there are some fads and trends that I just don't get. Those skinny jeans with the saggy crotch that hangs halfway down your thighs? I don't get those at all. But some trends I fall madly in love with and still can't get over. Neon, I'm looking at you kid. I started hopping on the neon train this time last year, and I haven't been able to get off yet. Remember my neon post from last May? Or maybe my inspiration mood board from last May? Yep, neon all over. And I'm not stopping anytime soon. Now, I do think you can easily over do it, but a splash of neon color here and there? I'm all over that! Which leads me to what inspires me this month. 

what inspires me : 

may 2013 mood board

Bold. Pops of color. The beginning of the swimming days. Plants everywhere. Casual. Dressy. This is May. In all its glory. 

May is a great month! School is wrapping up everywhere, the days are long and getting warmer every day (except for some weird possible snow flurries this week, seriously Texas, get your weather together for real), and it seems the freedom and fun of summer is just on the horizon. It's so exciting! Plus it's a big birthday month for us with 3 of us having birthdays this month. Which means I have to plan a big party for a certain little one. And figure out what I want for my birthday. I'm thinking a hammock? With a stand, like the one pictured. Wouldn't that be a great place to spend some time reading, or even doing homework?

what I'm listening to :

I can't get enough of this song! Seriously!! I heard it on my last trip to OKC and can honestly say that I turned the radio WAY up and jammed out! I love their voices together and the song is really fantastic. I really hope they pair up for a lot more songs. I'm down with a whole Pink/fun. album. 

I know, I know... I kind of feel like I'm cheating on my beloved Backstreet Boys. But honestly, JT is producing some pretty awesome music. And I can't help but be a fan. It's funny because Ashley and I have had an on-going battle between BSB and *NSYNC for years, and it seems that every time I'm going to meet her for dinner, I hear a JT song right before I get there. So the whole time I'm eating with her, I have one of his songs stuck in my head. So you win, Ashley, you win. ;)

what I'm reading :

I'm happy to report that I *finally* got to read one of my new books. I read Safe Haven last month and it was awesome! I still need to watch the movie. I was going to go watch it the last day it was in theaters but we were too late in getting there. So hopefully I can watch it when it comes out on RedBox or something soon. I'm looking forward to reading The Lucky One sometime soon and I already have it saved on my DVR to watch later. 

  1. what I'm watching : 

We watched the new GI: Joe movie in theaters. That was what we ended up watching instead of Safe Haven. Yeah, I know, talk about a switch of genres right? 

Dancing with the Stars
Some seasons I just can't get into it, but this season is not one of those. I actually teared up when Andy Dick was sent home last night. He wasn't a great dancer, but I was cheering for him so much because he wins at life, but not a dance competition. Kelly and Derek are obviously going to be in the finals, they are awesome and I look forward to watching them every week. 

Oh Castle, Castle, Castle. You are so suave and charming. I absolutely love Richard Castle and Kate Beckett! Caskett is one of the best TV couples and I always look forward to Monday nights when a new episode is coming on. 

The Mindy Project
There are a lot of shows that make me laugh out loud, but there aren't a lot of shows that make me laugh out loud just by thinking of something funny that happened in the show. The Mindy Project is one of those shows though. I love her references to romantic comedies, I love how she isn't toothpick thin, and I love that she is smart, witty, successful, and a little crazy. Yay for an actual character on TV that I can honestly relate to. ;) I've been catching up on episodes on Hulu and I honestly haven't watched an episode yet that I thought was "ehh."

And that's what I've been up to in my free time. Other things going on... 

I start school next week! YIKES! It's happening, y'all, it's really happening. I'm attending Devry University and I'm only taking one course this session: Introduction to Business - Business & Technology. But I'm making progress here! And I finally got in all of my transcripts from my various colleges and universities so we'll see what happens with the whole UCO thing. 

Also, VBS is coming up next month so I've been working on planning that. 

Plus we have birthday parties, final court hearings, and countless other things going on so there is definitely not a dull moment at our house. 

That's all for me, what's going on in your world? Let's catch up!