Friday, March 1, 2013

weekly loves : february { week 9 }

Hi y'all! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :) It's funny to think that I typed February Week 9 in my title and it's already March. MARCH! When Granny told me that life sped up after high-school, I had no idea how right she was!

This past week has been a whirlwind! Joey left Friday for a youth retreat in New Mexico. I stayed home alone with the kiddos. On Sunday, I left for Oklahoma for work, and Joey came back from New Mexico. (Don't worry, someone came and stayed with the kids until he got here... sheesh! haha) I had to leave for Oklahoma early because the BLIZZARD OF 2013 was coming! Well, that actually turned into a "non-event" for Oklahoma City, and I actually drove through worst weather coming into Oklahoma (wind and rain) than I experienced while in Oklahoma City and Edmond during the Blizzard. Yeah, the weather people figured wrong on that one a bit... but, it could have easily been terrible so, I will cut them some slack. 

So amidst all the hulla-ba-loo, here's a few things this week that I love!

I love my wonderful and sweet friend Ashley! If we look a little "worn" please excuse us. This was after a long day of work for both of us AND we'd been out in the wind and rain a bit too soooo. Haha. But really, I always look forward to going to OKC for work because I know I'll get to meet up with Ashley and have a wonderful time having girl talk with her and eating some yummy food. This time, we went to Poblano's Grill... one of my FAVES from my time living in Edmond. The food was so yummy (writing about it makes me want it again) but the time spent getting to talk with a great friend about blogging, boys, and life in general... well, that's just priceless!

I love my two little boys! While I was gone to OKC for work, McCrae started crawling! AGH! First, I hate that I missed him starting it. Second, I now have two mobile babies! YIKES!!!!

While Joey was gone last weekend, I settled down in the evenings and watched Grey's Anatomy Season 1 when the kids went to bed. Oh my goodness!! I'd forgotten how much I loved this show!!! Which makes me realize how much I don't like it now... but oh well. And the music!?!?! Oh how I've missed the music! Seriously... go watch this on Netflix! Or if you've already seen it, watch it again! It gets better! :) 

I love that McCrae is getting another tooth! I love that BB is running and learning to count, and jumping, and that every day he becomes more little boy, less baby. I also hate that. But watching him change, knowing he's going to stay with us... I love that!

Oh... speaking of... I don't think I've provided an update on BB's case lately. Big news, in fact! The appellate court upheld the judge's ruling (to terminate parental rights) and denied his biological mother's appeal. There's still more she can do to fight it, but not sure if she will or not. So it'll be a few more months before an adoption is final, but still! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously... YAY!!!!!! This is great news and I love that we will get to keep BB forever. 

Okay, that's enough for this post! Next week I'll try to take more pictures of things I love throughout the week, since I still can't put pictures up of the kiddos on here yet. And pictures of them seem to fill my phone more than anything else. 

What do you love this week?


  1. Yay getting closer & closer to wrapping up the adoption! Fingers crossed there are no bumps in the road......I loved the first few seasons of Grey's but then later I just grew tired of some things on there and stopped watching, but I do agree the music was AWESOME!

  2. Oh, so hoping things continue going well in the adoption process. So happy for little BB and for ya'll!

    Always enjoy your entries! Happy weekend!


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