Thursday, March 21, 2013

spring cleaning my craft supplies

Hi y'all! Remember when I used to make jewelry? Yeah... I barely remember it either. It was so long ago, yet I've still got SOOO much of my supplies. It's time to clear out my stash of beads, and ohhh lucky you! I've renewed my listings in my supplies shop but for my special followers, I'm going to cut you an even better deal. If you go to my shop and find 3 or more listings that you love, I'll combine them into one listing, lower the overall price, and give you free shipping! Yep, all of that... just for you. 

I'm ready to get rid of all of this stuff and believe me, I've got a lot of it! So you can clear out a lot of great loot, for a very discounted price. Just come visit my supplies shop!

Here's a few things you can find in my shop

I also have some yarn for sale in my shop. Feel free to add that to your bundle!

Out with the old...


  1. Sigh... I should do this with all my old scrapbooking supplies. I am just afraid if I dived into that closet I would never come out.


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