Wednesday, March 13, 2013

inspiration : march moods { 2013 }

Hi y'all! Did I mean to wait until the month was almost half-way over before final posting my March moods? Absolutely not. But what can I say? March has already been a month of great accomplishments. I've checked so many things off my personal to-do list this month already, not to be confused with my yearly goals list, so I really can't complain that my bloggin' life has kinda taken a backseat yet again. But oh how I miss you all when I'm not here as often. I really, truly do. 

But, enough with the sappy stuff... on to the main event! To me March is wonderful! Shades of green are every where. Warmer weather is more consistent and my clothes of choice become long-sleeved tees and running shorts. I'm overjoyed that the days are longer, although I do hate the adjustment period my body needs for the time change. And I'm eager to be outside whether it's going for a walk, watching a baseball game, or just working in the yard. Here's a little collection of things that are inspiring me right now... 

what inspires me : 

march 2013 mood board

My take on sweaters/sweatshirts in March? Wear 'em if you can! I don't think it's any surprise that I love a good sweater and sweatshirt. And March is usually about the last time I can wear them until October or November, so why not include one more "awesome" sweatshirt in my monthly mood boards while I can. 

After watching Oz : The Great & Powerful this week, and with Saint Patrick's Day coming up this Sunday, and with it being the color of the year, I'm all about emerald right now. I need some emerald nail polish STAT! ;) 

what I'm listening to : 

After watching Pitch Perfect last week...

what I'm reading : 

Very little reading has been going on here. Even in the blog world I'm way behind on some of my favorite blogs. But what reading I have been able to do has mostly been the Bible as I work on one of my yearly goals. 

what I'm watching : 

We've finished some of the shows we were watching on Netflix so we've switched gears again to Redbox. So far we've watched Pitch Perfect, Looper, Total Recall, MIB3, and a couple others. 

We also got to take the youth group (and families) from church to the movies this week and got to watch OZ : The Great and Powerful. Super fun!! 

And while I haven't watched the final episode yet, (because we went to watch Oz) I've been keeping up with this season's The Bachelor. Yes, I already know who he ends up with, I've known that since early in the season. But I still have to finish the season. And I'm sooo excited that Dancing with the Stars is starting soon and that Sean will be on there as well!

And there you have it! That's what's going on in my world right now. Do you have anything that you've watched, read, or listened to lately that you've loved?


  1. Loving the emerald green color right now too! Great collection of emerald inspired treats. I love the shamrock ring too!

  2. I am loving the chevron ring and the blue blouse, curious about Oz!

  3. 1. I really want to see Oz and I can't think of a movie in the past 6 months that I have been eager to see. How was it? 2. We watched Looper a few months ago. What did you think? I kind of laughed at how ridiculous the ending was.


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