Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 Tips to Jump Start Your Workout Routine

Hi y'all! Life is full, life is busy, life is full of busy things. I don't know what it is about 2013, but we started it off with a bang, and we've been runnin' and gunnin' ever since. Seriously though, every week and weekend has various things that we have to do, attend, remember, etc. And with all that activity, it seems the first thing that I scratch off is my workout. I'll scratch that off my daily to-do list, and get the other stuff done first. And then, it's a downward spiral to not working out anymore. 

But this year, I'm really focusing on a new healthier lifestyle. We're eating healthier food more often than not AND I'm really trying to be and stay disciplined about working out. Yes, I've failed over and over again, but every day when I wake up I think, "okay, I haven't messed up today... let's do this." And sometimes, even when I do slip throughout the day, I think to myself, "Slip-ups are going to happen. But not working out at all today, that's not gonna happen." It's a new month, today is a new day, you're reading this so you're probably not asleep yet, so here are a few ideas to help get you started on a daily workout routine. And even if you have already failed at your diet today, you can still workout. At least you're doing something, which, in this case, is always better than nothing. 

The best part of these tips and ideas, they require no equipment or gym memberships. There are sooo many simple exercises that you can do at home. Which is perfect for me since I work from home and need to be here for the kiddos. 

First, get up and get dressed for working out. This is specifically for those of us who work from home or are stay at home moms. I know I easily fall into the bad habit of rolling out of bed, taking care of children, and not getting dressed until lunch time (if it's a good day). And when I do that, I rarely ever work out that day. But if I wake up in the morning, put on my running shorts or yoga pants, sports bra, and a t-shirt, I'm way more likely to actually work out. 

Here's some basic clothes to help get you motivated : 

nike fitness

Second, find some simple exercises you can do at home. Think push-ups, sit-ups, squats, wall-sits, leg lifts, jumping jacks, arm circles, stretches, anything to get you off your seat and on your feet. If you have some weights, you can add a lot more exercises to your workout. For this, Pinterest can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Set a time limit for yourself (like 10 minutes), get on Pinterest and search for "exercises" or "workouts". Jot down a few ideas to do now, pin some ideas to look at later, then when the 10 minutes is up, close your Pinterest window and get up! You will be amazed at all the great things you can do at home with little to no equipment. 

Here's a few that I've found : 

Source: twitter.com via Regina on Pinterest

Source: skinnymom.com via Anya on Pinterest

Third, keep a "workout journal". I work out the most in my office. And being the nerd that I am, I created a spreadsheet for myself and printed it off back at the beginning of February. I keep it on my desk and as I do my sets throughout the day, I mark another tally in the appropriate box. I do this to see what I've done the day before, what I need to do today, and also, to keep myself accountable to workout every day. Believe me, nothing is more disappointing than finding my spreadsheet on my desk and the last date I had written down was over 2 weeks ago. Totally happened to me this week. BUT, it's a new week and today is a new day. I can't change what I did then, but I can definitely get something done today. 

Create your own spreadsheet, or find a journal to keep your workouts documented. It also helps to remind you what to do throughout the day. Sometimes I forget about a certain exercise, but with my handy-dandy spreadsheet, I'm like, "oh yeah, planking, let's do that one!"

Fourth, fit your workout routine around your life. For me, I don't have large chunks of time where I can devote an hour or so to working out. And sometimes, the weather in west Texas is not very conducive to going for a walk/jog/run. But, I do have little snippets of time throughout my day while kids are playing, while I'm working, etc., where I can get a few sets in. No big deal. So while I'm in my office working, I send an email, I do a set of 10 desk push-ups. I take care of a request, I do a set of 10 leg lifts. It doesn't sound like much at first. But by the end of the day it adds up. Yesterday I did 60 desk push-ups and 70 leg lifts. That's something!

And fifth, don't give up. If you miss a day, it's okay. Pick up wherever you left off, and start again. Like I said, I went from 2/5 to 2/28 to 3/1 because sometimes I forget and sometimes life just gets busy and I put things off. If you indulge yourself in a giant piece of cake and your little one's friend's birthday party, that's okay! Remember it's better to eat that cake after doing your workout, than eating it without working out. 

And now for maybe a little pep rally and motivational things to get all of us going : 

This picture is definitely a motivator for me. No, I don't have a dietitian, nutritionist, or a trainer like Kelly Osbourne probably does, but I have the desire for a new body in 2013 and I have the will power and ability to get it done. Now I just need to keep the determination and the motivation. 

Source: acidcow.com via Anya on Pinterest

5 pounds of fat = 5 pounds of muscle. But 5 pounds of muscle takes up less space. 

Do you workout? Do you have any favorite exercises? Do you have any tips or ideas that you would add to this list? 

Coming soon, it's all about the food.... 


  1. Found you on the etsy blog team discussions. I needed this post today. I have been thinking about how to get started on a work out plan, that wouldn't be too strenuous, since I have exercised in decades.

    this looks like exactly where I can start.

  2. Love tip #4 I have family in the hospital. BUT I'm not sitting constantly I'm getting up and walking around as much as I can. That's the best I can do right now. Good Luck with your exercise!


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