Wednesday, March 6, 2013

13 in 2013 : update { 1 }

Hi y'all! We are already in the 3rd month of the new year. (Oh mylanta!) So I thought it would be time for an update on how it's going with my yearly challenge. You can see the original post about my challenge here

Let's dive right in...

___ 1. Go on a vacation with just Joey. (We have money saved up specifically for our vacation. Now we just need to set a date. A wonderfully sweet lady from church has graciously offered to watch our kiddos while we're gone and she has other grandkids to watch too, so we're working around her schedule. But it's definitely in the works!) 

_X_ 2. Pay off 2 more debts. (I'm soooo happy to report that this one is coming along splendidly! This week I wrote the last and FINAL check to pay off a credit card. The credit card account is closed so with this final payment, we really are done with this monthly bill. I also figured it up, and another credit account we have is set up for automatic payment and the last payment comes out in December. So really we're done, and I'm giving us a check mark on this one! Maybe we'll even get something else paid off for an added bonus! I'm looking at you student loans... )

The last payment for a credit card!!

_X_ 3. Increase our savings account. (I have to admit... this one is hard for me. Not because I don't want to save money, but because this paying off debts things is addicting. And when we get money, I want to put all of it towards a bill and get closer to paying it off rather than save money. But, I've been trying to steadily increase our savings and it feels great to do that too.)

___ 4. Finish decorating the boys' rooms 100%. (Still in progress. I did get all the fabric for McCrae's room, and most of the fabric for BB's room. I've got the curtains made for BB's room and most of the blocks cut out for McCrae's quilt. I've also got the shelves hung up in BB's room, so it's all coming along slowly, but it's coming along.)

A mini-preview of the curtains that I made for BB's room. They look awesome!

___ 5. Makeover 2 other rooms. (I'd better not even think about this one... I need to stay focused on the boys' rooms. But... you know me and how my mind likes to wander, and I've been playing with an idea board for my office makeover. These fluorescent lights and drab walls just aren't doing it for me anymore!)

_X_ 6. Exercise more & exercise consistently. (If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I'm working on this and things are coming along nicely! So I'm giving myself a check mark for this one!)

___ 7. Lose 30 pounds. (I'm down about 7 pounds right now, which isn't a lot, but I've lost at least 15.5 inches overall, and that's exciting! And I'm not disappointed about my 7 pounds, I'm going to keep at it and I know more will come off.)

___ 8. Run a 5K. (Later this month I'm doing The Color Run in Lubbock and I'm super excited about it! We're just walking/jogging it, but I think it will be a great starting point to for training to RUN a 5K later this year. Walking it will seem like nothing so I'll be more motivated to actually sign up for running a 5K later.)

{ image via The Color Run }

_X_ 9. Try 4 new things every month. (Check and check!! This might be my favorite goal of the year because I'm branching out and trying all sorts of different things. Mostly food. Because it's easiest to try new food, AND that's really where I'm the most vanilla.)

___ 10. Read the Bible in one year. (I recently bought a new Bible so I'm working on this goal.)

___ 11. Write more. (So far so good! I've been writing more cards and letters. Now I just need to write more in my journal and on my blog.)

___ 12. Be an encourager. (Sadly, I don't think I'm doing this one as well as I should be. time to refocus on this one!)

___ 13. Scrapbook. (I've still got all the scrapbooks, I just need to set aside some time and work on them.)

So there's my update! What about you? Have you thrown out all of your resolutions? Are you sticking with any of them?


  1. Wow, you're on a roll girl!! Great job and please, please pack me when you go on vacay...hehe

  2. Well, I think you have done awesome for not even 90 days into the new year. I think it is great that you are being so accountable for your resolutions. Way to go and "hats off to you!"

  3. I think you are definitely an encourager! So I give you an "X" on that one :) Kudos on the decorating and exercising - two things I'm definitely behind on right now. Can't wait to see the finished room tho - love the chevron curtains!


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