Friday, February 1, 2013

weekly loves : january { week 5 }

Hi y'all! Wow! I can't believe it's Friday already. Last week seemed to drag on and on and on... mainly because it was kind of a bad week. Just a few things happened that really made the whole week a downer. But this week, even though I'm fighting some sort of cold thing, it's still been a pretty good week. 

As of Wednesday, Joey and I have officially finished the cleanse phase of our diet, and as of Thursday we are on the burn and refuel phase. I have to admit, the cleanse phase is not as long as I thought. It had it's rough moments, but on the whole, it went pretty quickly. I wasn't as compliant as I could have been, but I really tried to stick with it as much as possible, and I'm happy to say, I lost 6 pounds on the cleanse AND lost a couple inches on my waist, hips, chest and shoulders, and lost an inch or 1/2 an inch on my thighs, arms, and neck. No change in my calves, which isn't a big shocker. My calves are kinda muscular as it is. Anyway, all in all, I think it's went great and I'm excited because (according to Joey) we should lose more weight on the burn and refuel phase as our bodies start using the nutrients more efficiently and our metabolism perks up. My favorite things of the diet so far are the Spark vitamin energy drinks, and the meal replacement shakes. I really love the way the Sparks make me feel, and the meal replacement shakes I've had for breakfast every day of the diet, and sometimes for lunch or dinner as well. After adding a few ice cubes and drinking them through a straw, I decided I loved them and could actually enjoy drinking a thick drink. These are two of the products that Joey and I are definitely going to continue purchase to help maintain our weight loss even post-challenge. Which, I'd really like to stop this yo-yo thing I'm doing with my weight. In the past 2 years I've lost a total of 45 pounds and gained back a total of 30 pounds. Not such a great record to be honest. So here's to moving forward and keeping the pounds OFF!

That's definitely something I love this week. This new energy and feelings of healthy living that I've got. 

Some other things that I love are...

{ image source : Ferrever }


I love hearts. Hearts. Hearts. And more hearts. Seriously, I love Valentine's Day. I love the flowers, the candies, the movies that come out in theater, the colors, and allllll the pretty hearts on everything. This garland can be found and purchased on Etsy. I didn't make any heart garlands this year for my shop, but I should make at least one for my own home decor. Don't you think? Yes, I think. :) 

I love fabric!!! I'm so excited that most of the fabric for the boys' rooms came in. I'm bummed that some of it I have to reorder because they didn't do a backorder like they said, but all is well, it will be back in stock late in February, so I just have to be patient and work with what I've got for now. Thankfully, I have ALL the fabric for McCrae's room, so that's good. It's only BB's room that I'm missing some fabric. You can see the fabric for BB's room here, and I know I said I would post the updated inspiration board for McCrae's room this week, but I'm putting that off until next week. So next week you will see it. :) 

I love Hart of Dixie. Joey got me started on this. Yes, that's right, Joey did. He always browses Netflix, finds some show, starts watching it, then gets me hooked and complains because I just want to watch that show all the time. But seriously, I really love this show. Don't talk to me about this season though... I've only watched season 1 on Netflix and I'm not even finished with that. Right now I adore Wade. Adore him. I couldn't stand Lemon at first, but I'm coming around to liking her a lot more. I love the characters and the way they're developing. I'm excited to keep watching and see what happens... but don't tell me!! ;) 

I love when a manicure idea in my head, comes out just like I wanted in reality. I bought some white nail polish a couple weeks ago, because I just knew I wanted to do some red and white nails for Valentine's Day. And then I knew I wanted to do a heart. And then, this happened. I love the way it turned out. I may keep doing this all through February!

I love feeling like I've accomplished things. With this new year I set a lot of goals for myself and I'm working on completing them. But I've kind of added another goal, without really meaning to. This year, I want to complete all of our foster training hours and classes. We are always scrambling in December to get this class or that class or to get as many hours as we can. So this year I want to get everything done in plenty of time. We've already got our home fire inspection and health inspection done. We've registered for our CPR certification class for later in February. So we're making good progress and that feels SOOO good. 

And speaking of my goals for the new year, one of them is to try 4 new things a month. I'm very happy to report that in January I blew that goal out of the water. Out of the hemisphere! I've tried so many new things this month. I made my own meatball subs, I cooked cauliflower poppers, I ate SUSHI!!!! (still getting over that one, I can't believe I did it), I tried a new restaurant, I tried planking for the first time, I tried this 24 day challenge (and all the new things that come with that), I tried all sorts of new food on this diet (pan-seared tilapia today)... so it's been great! I know it mostly has to do with food, but if you knew how often I ate the same food at the same restaurants, or cooked the same food at home, you'd understand. Woo hoo!

And finally, I love you! My lovely readers who make this blogging thing so much fun! Thank you all for stopping by like you do and a special thank you and group hug to those of you who take the time to comment. You really warm my heart! And as a way to say thank you and give you a "hug" without making it weird, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog. It ends Sunday at midnight so you still have time to enter. So go do that now here

What do you love this week? 
Are you still keeping up with your new year's resolutions, or have they been tossed to the wayside?

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