Friday, February 22, 2013

weekly loves : february { week 8 }

Hi y'all! Goodness, I'm behind! I haven't posted a weekly loves post since week 5 and here it is week 8! Goodness gracious! Also, we're already 8 weeks in to the new year? Say what?! 

I've also been behind on posting this week. So sorry. Not because I don't have anything to post about, but because I'm so busy with life right now, that I'm having trouble finding the time to blog about life. Any of you other bloggers out there know what I'm talking about? Surely I can't be the only one. Joey is leaving today to go to New Mexico for the weekend for a youth leadership retreat. He's coming home Sunday, but I'm leaving Sunday to go to Oklahoma for work and won't be home until Wednesday. So getting everything organized and planned, booking hotel rooms (that was a nightmare), and getting stuff done here before he leaves has been quite an adventure. Throw in the fact that our high school girls are in the playoffs and we've been going to watch them play, it's definitely been an adventure!

Anyway, on to the weekly loves!! Although, maybe I should call it monthly loves since I'm going to be doing some catching up on this post. ;) On to the monthly loves!!

I love that on Monday I'll be in OKC and will get to visit my dear friend Ashley! I'm excited to see the jewelry shop that she manages, I'm excited to go out to dinner with her, and mostly, I'm excited about GIRL TALK!! haha. 

I love getting quiet time to read! Since I'll be in a hotel room for 3 nights, I thought I'd bring Nicholas Sparks along with me. Just can't decide now which one I want to read first... Any suggestions?

I love that BB watched Singin' in the Rain with me last Saturday. TCM was showing Singin' in the Rain, followed by Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (what a perfect day), which are two of my favorite musicals AND two movies I watched over and over when I was young. I always associate these movies with good feelings, so of course, when they were on Saturday I had to watch them. And it didn't take long before BB was pausing in front of the TV for longer and longer periods of time, being drawn in by the magic of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor. 

I love date nights! Since Joey and I are about to be separated for several days, we thought it would be fun to go on a final date night before he left and then I left. So last night, we went out for dinner, went grocery shopping (at the new Market Street in town), and then went to this new (to us) place called The Choc'Late Mousse Pie Bar. It's a charming little dessert place where all their pies come in mousse form. And you can get it in all different sizes, with all different crusts, and REAL whipped cream. It's pretty heavenly! I got Milky Way flavored pie with chocolate crumbs on the first later and Nilla wafer crumbs with pecans on the second layer. Joey got Snicker doodle pie with graham cracker crust on both layers. We got the piefait sizes and neither of us came close to finishing. I don't know if we could have finished the smaller ones either. 

I love getting organized! I'm still working on both of the boys' room makeovers, and one of the things I needed to do was go through their clothes, sort clothes that don't fit into appropriate boxes, and organize their closets and drawers. This past week I got a big chunk of that out of the way. Also, note to new or soon-to-be moms: Hold on to those diaper boxes. You're going to collect a ton of them, and no, you don't have to save them all, but hold on to several. They are sturdy, have handles, and as your kids get more clothes and outgrow old ones, they make the perfect boxes for organizing the old clothes by size and/or season! I keep about half of our diaper boxes and always find useful things for them. Right now I'm also using some for various things to put in a garage sale later! Win-Win-Win!

Side note : I don't love that my boys are growing so fast I'm having to constantly switch out clothes, but it's also fun to watch them grow and learn new things every day. 

I love white cake. Just plain ol' white cake. I discovered this last year when I made hundreds of cake pops for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Cookout. I couldn't stop eating the plain white cake balls before I even had a chance to decorate them. This week, I decided I wanted a white cake. And then I wanted strawberries with it. And then, it morphed into this delectable white cake with chocolate frosting and strawberries. Delicious! Seriously, one of my favorite desserts ever now!

I don't love getting new Bibles. I hate that I lose my old notes and things. But I really love that I got this new Bible. It's a different translation than I've used before, and it's really thin and the cover is oh-so-pretty. I just love it!! And since one of my goals for the year is still to read the whole Bible in one year, this pretty thing will be easier to carry around than my huge old Bible, so maybe I can get more reading done. :) 

So what do you love lately?


  1. These were so cute! I hope that you have a wonderful time in Oklahoma! Your new Bible is SO pretty :) This past summer I got a new small Bible from the Zondervan Bloom Collection that I have loved! I know what you mean about loosing notes, but as a girl who loves all things pretty I love the new options! :)

    ~ Rebecca ~

  2. What a fun post! Oh, love Ok. City, been there many times. Our daughter use to live in Stillwater.

    Nicholas Sparks is great! I'm thinking I may have to see his new movie, "Safe Haven."

    Happy weekend!

  3. Looks like you've had a great week (I'm eye-ing that cake...)! Maybe I'll pick up a copy of Safe Haven and have a day for reading. =0)
    PS - Meet & Greet is open all weekend, if you'd like to join us.


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