Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide : kids

Hi y'all! By now, you all know that I am a lover of Valentine's Day. I just get warm fuzzies thinking about all the lovey dovey stuff out there. So, between now and Valentine's Day, I'm going to do a couple of gift guides on the blog for anyone looking for goodies for those special people in your life. And today, we're starting with the kiddos!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Kids

1) An adorable little hat if you have a new little one around this day of love. 2) Running late on picking up Valentines? No worries. You can get this customized and print them yourself. As many as you need! Easy peasy lemon-squeezy! 3) For that darling girl in your life, a lovely ruffled heart shirt. 4) And of course a matching headband! 5) A sweet necklace for a sweet little girl. 6) Heart crayons! 7) And every little boy needs a tie shirt. Really. And this one is too cute! 8) A little bracelet! How precious! 9) For that horse-loving kiddo, a handmade stuffed horse! Available in more colors in the shop. 

Aren't those just precious!?!? Oh how I love kids. And Valentine's Day. And kids stuff for Valentine's Day. Which reminds me, I'm behind in planning my own kiddos Valentine's Day goodies. I know they are too young to get it. Well, McCrae especially. But it is McCrae's first Valentine's Day so it still needs to be special right? Right!! 

What are you doing for the kids in your life on Valentine's Day?


  1. Thanks so much for including my necklace for girls! You have a lovely blog and I will be sure to visit again.

  2. So cute!
    Love the heart crayons and the little bracelet.


  3. Thanks so much, Regina, for including my eco-friendly heart crayons. Your blog is so much fun! XO, ~Merrill @ ivylanedesigns.com

  4. oh kiddies yah they get valentines day gifts too, can't figure to leave them out! i love those heart crayons and i bet easy to make with the small crayon pieces, just melt them in a mold cool then let them color away!

  5. Oh my heart, isn't that little horsie just the cutest?! I love that!


  6. these are all so cute - I just can't get enough of red and hearts. This is one holiday I actually enjoy shopping for!

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