Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide : for the foodie

Hi y'all! With only 6 days left until Valentine's Day, I wanted to go ahead and debut another gift guide. This one is for the foodie in your life. Which I just came to the realization that I am. I don't know why it took me so long to come to this realization, but I'm embracing it now. 

So here's one for all the food lovers out there : 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the foodie

1) heart-shaped sugar cubes. Adorable! 2) Cute heart cookies. 3) That's a lot of love! 4) Everything is cuter heart-shaped. 5) Home made lollipops. 6) Wouldn't this be darling for you and your significant other to each have one while sharing dessert on Valentine's Day? If I ever open a restaurant, I'm ordering these sweet spoons for couples to use on Valentine's Day if they order dessert. 7) Foxy (I couldn't resist) mugs! Cute!! 8) Wooden forks. Also a possibility if I owned a restaurant. 9) A gorgeous cutting board. I really love this! 10) I've seen the recipe for this on Pinterest, but this one is handmade and shaped like a heart! Precious!
Wonderful huh?? Of course, all of those sweet treats are very anti-diet, BUT our 24 day challenge actually ends on February 13th? Coincidence? I. think. not. 

Okay, actually it is a coincidence, we didn't plan that at all. But it's kind of funny and I'm hoping we can take advantage of being off the diet and go out on a date or have a yummy sweet treat. Just for the day though, then it's back to eating sensibly again. I don't want to keep doing this yo-yo weight thing. 

Are you making any special meals or treats for Valentine's Day this year?


  1. Thank you so much. I can't wait for Valentine's Day!

  2. Everything here looks so cute! Thanks so much for featuring TWO of my Valentine's Day treats!

    Gena from BakeAllTheThings!

  3. Thank you! Valentine's Day is my favorite - love, pink, glitter - by far my favorite holiday :)

  4. I have been a foodie before the word was invented.

    I do not have the stamina to make this anymore (used to) so I ordered chocolate covered oreos for the family for Valentine's Day. Someone sent them to me for Christmas and between the 4 of us - poof!


  5. We always enjoyed making valentine treats and the kids parties at school. I know it is important to eat healthy but sometimes I feel the schools have gone healthy overboard. No valentine candy, cookies etc at the grandkids parties only healthy veggie trays. Oh well we will make goodies at home!

  6. Yummy! I'm going to buy those treats for myself!
    Julie @ Singing Three Little Birds

  7. One thing I always like about Valentine's Day is seeing all the hearts everywhere!
    PS - Meet & Greet is up and live for the weekend, if you'd like to link up.

  8. Wait!! A doxie towel? Heading straight to that shop now! See told you your boards always get my wallet in trouble!


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