Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide : the decor enthusiast

Happy Tuesday!! Only 2 days left until Valentine's Day. And then, sadly, I will have to stop daydreaming about hearts and put away my Valentine's Day decor. Do you have decorations for this lovey dovey holiday? I do! I love it! Today I'm bringing you another gift guide, this one, for the decor enthusiast, like me! 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide The Decor Enthusiast

1) Painted Mason jars. Visit the shop to see ALL the gorgeous color combos she puts together! 2) I love getting flowers. I used to not like it, but that was before I had someone to give them to me. Still, If I had a choice, I'd pick a live plant over cut flowers. And this pot is just darling! 3) Would these be cute hung in a window? 4) Visit this shop to find LOTS of amazing water color quotes. Gorgeous! 5) Ruffles + Hearts = Overload for me. Like I can't contain how strong my love for this pillow is. 6) Because not everything has to be red. But then again, if it does, you can visit the shop for more colors. 7) How darling! 8) Available in various states and colors. 

Oh be still my heart! I am just head over heart (see what I did there) for all of this decor! Next year, I'm totally getting my craft on in December/January and make some new decor to freshen up what I already have. 

Do you decorate for every season/holiday? Or are you more of an everyday decor kind of person?

P.S. I have one more gift guide coming up tomorrow! Stay tuned!


  1. I love your picks here! I decorate for holidays because it mixes things up, especially in the dull winter months. As soon as Valentine's Day is over, I am busting out the Easter stuff! WOOHOO!

  2. I completely forgot to decorate for Valentine's this year. I guess it's a little too late now...
    We have been so busy trying to settle into our house and make it feel 100% homey that sometimes I get forgetful!
    Oh well, there is only next year & I will be referring back to this because I love these ideas!


  3. What a sweet collection! Thank you for featuring my heart pillow cover..

  4. I love that you included my watercolors on your blog! Great ideas!

  5. Oh how lovely ! Thank you so much for including my pillow here , I'm honored and inspired ♥

  6. How lovely! Thank you so much for including my eco-felt heart ornaments! Your blog is gorgeous!


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