Friday, February 1, 2013

inspiration : february moods { 2013 }

Hi y'all! Can you believe it's already February? I can't. It's like the month of January whizzed by in a fury! And now, it's one of my favorite months. February. Where hearts are everywhere, reds, pinks, and whites are flooding every store display. Flowers are all over! And candies and cookies are in abundance! (As if we didn't have enough of that in November and December.)

I really love Valentine's Day. I love all the lovey-doveyness that comes with it. I love the hearts everywhere! I just love it! I always have. Yes, even when I was single and all of my single friends were calling it Singles Awareness Day. I still (secretly) loved it. 

So it really comes at no surprise that my mood board is overflowing with that lovey-dovey stuff. But here is a quick look at my moods for February : 

What inspires me : 

I'm also getting inspired by fabric, music, and wanting to live a more healthy lifestyle. To say that I've got some creative juices flowing would be quite the understatement. Which is fantastic! And it's in so many areas of my life: cooking, sewing, blogging, crafting... yeah, I'm going through a creative overdrive right now. ;) 

Also... I attended the same school from Headstart through graduation. Every year for Valentine's Day, the FHA club (aka FCCLA) sold all sorts of Valentine's Day goodies: balloons, animals, candy, and flowers. But only carnations. Always carnations. Then on Valentine's Day, the people in FHA would go around the school delivering all of the items to everyone in class. It was so much fun! In elementary school I had a little boyfriend to buy me things. And my friends and I would buy stuff for each other. When we got older, it was only my friends. And then in high school, my family would buy stuff for me. My favorite thing was the carnations. I just adored them in all their colors and ruffled glory. I've told Joey that this year I want carnations for Valentine's Day, not roses. And I absolutely love the red and pink grouping of carnations in my inspiration board. Isn't that just exquisite?

What I'm listening to : 

You know what I'm listening to NOT by choice? Toby Mac. Someone come save me. Once upon a time my husband shared my disdain for Toby Mac's music, but somehow, he drank the Mac koolaid and now he keeps listening to it. UGH! 

What I'm reading : 

I still have this by my bed and am slowly working my way through it. I'm about halfway through it and I don't like it as much as I thought I would (MiKenzie, you were right) but I do think it's okay and I'm still curious to see where everyone ends up. 

I'd really like more Nicholas Sparks books. I only have one, Dear John, and definitely want more. (Someone tell Joey... ;) ) And with Safe Haven coming to theaters soon, it would be a good one to buy soon. I think a trip to Barnes & Noble is on my list for my next paycheck. ;)

What I'm watching : 

I'm watching Hart of Dixie - Season 1 on Netflix right now. LOVE this show! Love it!

And I finally went through all the saved episodes of Private Practice on my DVR, so I finished the series. I loved the way it ended. I think I'll miss it every now and then. But then again, I have Hart of Dixie now so... I think I'll be okay! ;) 

And that folks, is my mood list for February! What about you?

What are you watching? Reading? Listening to? Getting inspired by? Care to share?


  1. You make the best boards ever! I always find a thing or two to obsessed over in those darn boards. LOL. Oh, and you can bet that Hey Ho song is a repeat for my commute. Love it!

  2. Love the inspiration board, and the carnations are so pretty. I tried to do that waterfall braid (need to practice some more). I hope you get carnations for Valentine's Day this year!
    I am a fan of all the songs you posted! =0)
    I haven't watched Hart of Dixie, but I've wanted to watch it ever since I saw the previews when it first began. I'll have to watch the first season now for sure.
    PS - I'd like to invite you to a blog hop that I co-host starting Friday nights at 9 PM EST. =0) Hope to see you there!

  3. Yeah, Leaving is a little bit slow. The Redemption series was still the best one. But, if you push through it, you can find out what happens at the conclusion of the series. :)

  4. Just such a nice blog post. Really like everything about it.


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