Thursday, February 7, 2013

inspiration : baby boy nursery makeover { fabric }

Hi y'all! With the fabric purchased for McCrae's room, and a theme picked, it's time to show y'all where I'm headed with all of this. McCrae's room was really hard. At one point I had some colors picked out for his room, but I never could find any fabric for it, or really had a theme or anything, so I was basically stuck with only a few ideas and little inspiration. One thing that I kept coming back to me though was the song World Traveler by Andrew Peterson. (Side note: You should really go listen to the song, it's amazing. And I love the message of the song, that you can travel all around the world, but the true reality of experiencing life and travelling the world is when you explore the heart of another, and learn to love someone completely. Which is a great message for little [and grown] boys [and girls] alike.) I kept thinking that would be perfect theme for a little boy's room, but that's really about all I had.

But, a couple weeks ago when I was checking on BB's fabric again at, and realized it was on sale and I was actually going to purchase it, I just had to do another search for fabric for McCrae's room. And then... I found it. The perfect fabric, to go with that perfect theme, in colors similar to the ones I'd already picked out for him. So I went for it and ordered all the fabric for McCrae's room too!

And here it is : 

Don't you just love this?? Oh, I was sooo excited to find it. Honestly though, this theme and fabric is more suited for BB because of his love for cars and trains and things, but I'm sure McCrae will have that same love one day, and I'd already started on BB's room. 

And just like with BB's room, I'm doing curtains, fitted crib sheets, pillows and a quilt. Here's what each fabric will be used for : 

1. Curtains, quilt blocks

2. Quilt blocks
3. Fitted sheet, quilt blocks
4. Quilt blocks
5. Quilt blocks
6. Small pillow, quilt blocks
7. Quilt backing, fitted sheet, quilt blocks
8. Quilt blocks
9. Quilt blocks
10. Large pillow, quilt blocks
11. Quilt blocks
12. Quilt blocks
13. Small pillow, quilt blocks

Did I go overboard on the fabric? Maybe. But I think it'll look awesome and I'm really excited!!

And here's the inspiration board for McCrae's room : 

Boy's nursery makeover

Now do you see where I'm going with this? The background is similar to the color we painted his room. It's called Walnut Ash by ColorPlace and I really love the color. I didn't really mean for the whole thing to come out with red accent pieces, but it looked cute so I kept it. I plan to do some art or something with maps (anyone have any old road maps they'd like to give me?), one art piece with string art, paint his dresser white, change all of his outlets and light switches from almond to white, put in white doors to his room and closets, add white base boards, I can't decide if I want to install an updated light fixture or a ceiling fan, and he has two closets in his room (not sure why they didn't just connect them into one large closet) and I've been toying with the idea of turning one into a "reading/play" nook. I think that would be really fun for now, but he might appreciate the extra closet when he's older... I don't know. Still toying with that one. 

So what do you think?? Do you like where I'm headed? It was a challenge to design a room for a little boy. I like room designs for little ones to be something they can really grow in to. I don't want to have to do this every 3 years because they suddenly don't like hot pink, or the Cars movie anymore. That's why I really love that, for both of our boys, their room designs can grow with them for quite a while. 

How did you decide how to decorate your little one's room or how did you decorate your room when you were little?


  1. Wow - Regina!

    This is amazing and mcCrae is going to love all the fabric. It is inspiring for a little boy.


  2. great choices...and it sounds like you're having so much fun with this... :0)
    you definetly need to share pictures of the finished room.

  3. Yes - like Debbi, am looking forward to seeing the finished article! Continue to have fun - am really keen to see how the quilts turn our, as I used to do a lot before they got too heavy and I returned to toy-making.


  4. Very cute! For the road maps, you could take an old atlas and rip out the pages for, oh, let's say Texas and Oklahoma, and use those. I like that you have lots of neutral colors in there for the major things like the fan and dresser to make room to grow, too.


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