Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

YAY for Valentine's Day! It's definitely one of my favorite holidays, but I know I say that about nearly every holiday. It's okay, I've come to terms with my exuberance for every holiday, season, and just any reason to do something magical. 

Yesterday was the last day of our 24 day challenge. So when we woke up this morning we weighed and measured before doing anything else. (More on the results later...) And then I made a special breakfast for my boys. 

I got the idea here, but then made my own changes. I used Pillsbury pre-made pie crust, cookie cutters to get the heart shapes, JiF chocolate hazelnut spread (which I've decided is not as good as Nutella), I rubbed egg whites on the top crust, sprinkled with colored sugar, used a fork to make the "ruffled" edges, and baked at 375 degrees until golden brown. They were delicious!!

I made a smaller batch and mixed strawberry jelly with the JiF spread and then repeated the above steps. I can't tell you if they were better or not than the chocolate-only pastries, but Joey said they were. That's right. He ate the entire batch!! But, I guess that's a good sign. 

Here's BB's plate. I sliced some strawberries for us as well, and took a couple of thin slices and used the heart-shaped cookie cutter on them to make heart-shaped strawberries. So pretty! BB ate every bit and said "yummy, yummy" the whole time. haha. Oh that boy. He sure makes a Momma feel good about her cooking. :) 

And from Joey I got my carnations that I wanted! YAY! You might remember my request for Valentine's Day carnations here.  

Oh Joey... bless his heart, he's not good at buying gifts. He doesn't listen well enough to pick up on "hints". I have to pointedly, directly tell him exactly what I want. But, it's okay, at least he tries and wants to get me something. Better than the alternative of him not caring enough to buy me something. 

So while he was shopping I had to text him a list of ideas for gifts I would like and told him to pick any of them. He did, he got me the Safe Haven book I wanted, but he also surprise me with a box of chocolates and The Lucky One, also by Nicholas Sparks. YAY! And a weighted workout ball. That wasn't on my list and it feels funny to get a workout ball for a Valentine's Day gift. But oh well, I'm still thankful for everything and I know I'll use that ball soon. Time to get fit! ;) 

Oh, and I gave Joey his Valentine's Day present weeks ago... a brand new fire pit! He's been wanting one forever, and I finally got it for him. :) He was very excited! 

And as for our plans for today, we're going out to lunch because a friend so graciously offered to watch our kiddos. YAY! Then maybe this evening we can sit outside under the big Texas sky full of stars, next to our new fire pit. :) 

It'll be a fun-filled day for sure! I hope your day is full of fun and love as well!

What are your plans for today?


  1. Those carnations look beautiful, lucky you!

  2. Those carnations look really pretty! :) I saw also that you got the book "Safe Haven"? I haven't read it yet and am anxious to hear how the movie is!

  3. Those tarts turned out amazing, Regina! Sounds like you had a perfect day. And I love that you got a workout ball :)


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