Monday, February 18, 2013

goodies : succulents

It happens every year. Once Valentine's Day is over, I take down my Valentine's decor, put out my Easter/spring decor, and get spring fever. Bam! Just like that. Now, just because I have spring fever, doesn't mean the west Texas weather knows that. We always have a few more cold snaps before Easter, but I know that longer days and being outside in the fresh air is just around the corner.

I love having plants inside and outside of our home. I have 5 ivy plants in our house right now, and I love that I still have fresh cut flowers from Joey decorating my office. :) I love ivy plants because they are such low maintenance. I just water them once a week or every other week and they just keep growing and growing. But, it's not rare that I still forget to water them and they start wilting. The great thing about philodendrons is that they always bounce right back! But if you're like me and would love a few houseplants, but can't take on the responsibility of an ivy, maybe a succulent is right up your alley. Succulents are even lower maintenance than an ivy, and they are just darling! I didn't always think so highly of succulents, but I guess I hadn't seen them at their full potential. But you can hop over to my Garden Glory board on Pinterest and see just how gorgeous they can be : 

Gorgeous right?!?! Seeing succulents combined with various flowers, or by themselves in pretty little containers, how can you not love them? And like I said, succulents are very low maintenance. They need quite a bit of light, and a little bit of water. In fact, it's better to underwater than to overdo it. 

If I've convinced you that having a succulent in your office, home, or home office is what you want, you can easily find what you're looking for on Etsy. Yep, that's right! That wonderful website of handmade/vintage goodies (and supplies) also has a lot of live plants you can purchase. Some come in cute containers ready to display, some come by themselves. And you can find them in large quantities (because they are popular at weddings) or small quantities of just one plant at a time. Here are a few gorgeous goodies that I found : 

An unfinished wood planter is just begging to be decorated. Color-blocking? Polka-dots? Keep it simple and understated? However you want to do it, it's a great way to start your succulent garden. 

Isn't this gorgeous?? This pretty blue succulent also produces pretty orange bell-shaped flowers in the spring. 

If you have limited space, want a cute display on your wall, or just have a love of vertical gardens, you can even buy your vertical planter on Etsy. 

4 succulents in blues and grays to start your succulent collection or to add to what you've already started. 

How lovely this would look in the middle of a table! Or even on a bookshelf!

You can purchase this lovely DIY kit for your kids to do on a rainy day. Or for you to do when you want to play in the dirt, but only have 5 minutes. 

I'm definitely thinking I need to start a succulent garden. My ivy plants need something else to jazz them up! 

Do you have any houseplants? Are you a succulent-lover now too?


  1. I have never had a succulent, but seeing all of these great pics, makes me want to have one (or two)

  2. I have two or three of these and love them! Seeing this post makes me want even more. Happy week!


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