Tuesday, February 19, 2013

8 Life-Lessons from Hollywood

Because 10 would give Hollywood too much credit. 

Because someone else has probably already done 10. 

Life-lessons are usually not very fun to learn. Learning them usually means lots of crying, saying goodbye, or at least some hurts of the heart. And it seems like we have to learn these thing over and over and over again. For some reason we keep convincing ourselves that this time, the relationship will work. This time your plan won't backfire. This time, that 3/4 length-sleeved shirt with pre-rolled sleeves and a button will not annoy you and make you end up hating your entire closet. Okay, maybe that's not so much a life-lesson but seriously... why do I keep buying those shirts?!?!

Sometimes, though, the lessons don't have to be so painful. Sometimes, all you have to do is pop in a movie. Hollywood gets a bad rap for being full of trash. But sometimes, Hollywood can be very educational. 

Here are 8 life-lessons we can learn from some of my favorite flicks!

-- Don't forget to fight for (and help) those who cannot on their own. (Ever After) See also : Don't be afraid to rescue yourself instead of waiting around on Prince Charming to get his act together. 

-- Give people a second chance. (You've Got Mail) The part where he asks if she wants honey, but just by saying "honey?" and it sounds like he's calling her honey... swoooooon... gives me warm fuzzies every time. 

-- Don't judge a book by it's cover. Or a person by their outfit. (Pretty Woman) Let's face it, we've all wanted Richard Gere to take us on an outrageous shopping spree after seeing this movie. But it's also important to remember that just because someone is wearing fine clothes, does not make them a fine person. And just because someone is wearing "hooker" clothes, doesn't mean they aren't worth your time and attention. ;)

-- Nothing ever stays the same forever, so cherish every moment while you have it. (The Sandlot) This was one of my favorite movies as a little girl. I remember watching this at a friend's slumber party and ALL of us girls had a major crush and Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez. But now that I'm older, I can't help but feel melancholy and nostalgic when I watch this scene. I wish I had known as a little girl how fleeting childhood really is, and had soaked up the experiences more and more. 

-- The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. (Elf) See also : It's perfectly okay to believe in magic. 

-- When you realize your dream, go for it. No matter what obstacles you may face. (Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken)

-- True love can do anything you want it to. (The Notebook)

-- And when it comes to marriage, remember that there's a history to it, and always, ALWAYS, choose Chow Fun's. (The Story of Us) (Sorry for the terrible video quality, but you still get the idea.) This is a great movie about marriage. There's language and adult content, but really, it's a fantastic movie about a couple who while their kids are away at summer camp, separate and contemplate divorce. In this final scene Michelle Pfeiffer is declaring that she wants to go to Chow Fun's instead of going home to tell the kids about their parents' separation. But she's not choosing Chow Fun's because she is putting off telling the kids, she's choosing Chow Fun's because she's choosing her commitment to her marriage. If you live near me and want to borrow it, I'll totally loan it to you. :) 

 So there you go! Don't you feel so much wiser now? And without all the heartache that life-lessons usually bring. Well, except when watching the final scene of The Notebook. That still breaks my heart. But in a good way. 

Do you have any other life-lessons from Hollywood that you would add to this list?

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  1. I always wanted to see the Story of Us. Great pointers and oh my gosh pre-rolled sleeves with buttons annoy me soooo bad. Is it just me or do they make the arm rolls big enough for like a toddler? They are always so tight on me and trust me I don't even have any arm muscle what so ever~


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