Sunday, January 20, 2013

sunday social { 2 }

Sunday Social

Hi y'all! I enjoyed linking up for the Sunday Social so much last week, I decided to do it again! This week's topic is all about 3's... and I have to admit, it got tougher as I went.

1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food. 

Duh. This one's easy. Mexican, American, and Italian. 

2. First 3 things I do in the morning. 

Also easy... hit snooze, hit snooze, and hit snooze. Done and done! 

Haha... but really, am I right? Beyond that it's usually see if Joey's still in bed or not, check my phone, and put on my glasses. 

3. Last 3 things I do at night. 

Take off my glasses, play games on my phone for a while, put my extra pillow in the floor. 

4. 3 TV shows I NEVER miss. 

5. 3 places I want to visit. 

I'm just going to put Europe since it's pretty much all-encompassing of so many countries I want to visit. Also, New Zealand, and all of the United States. 

6. 3 people I can always count on.

This is my toughest one.... and in my mind I'm having to put little asterisks beside each one for one reason or another, but I'll say Joey, Papa and Candace. 


  1. Fun!
    1-Chinese-Italian and Russian.
    2-hug my doggie-straighten up the room - Get on the computer.
    3- read, take my meds and go to the bathroom.
    4- GhostHunters on Sci-Fi, Chopped on FoodNetwork and Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.
    5- A central area in the US where all the team members can meet. Ireland and Italy.
    6- My mom-my daughter-Jenifer and my friends.

  2. 1. Mexican, Italian and American
    2. Weigh in (lol - I think it lies in the morning, fix breakfast
    and feed livestock
    3. Soak in tub, read, play Sudoku
    4. not really a big movie person
    5. Alaska, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand
    6. Son David, Daughter Melissa, and John
    If you hadn't specified people for 6, I would have put God because I can Always count on Him when everyone else lets you down.

  3. I've been hearing a lot about Shark Tank lately, maybe it's time I watched it!

  4. Cute blog! My favorite answers were your TV shows that you cannot miss because I haven't heard of any of them.. crazy! Looks like I have some new shows to check out :-) Happy Sunday!


  5. Stopping by from the link-up. And ahh New Girl my husband and I love that show!!!


  6. Oh gosh I so want to go to New Zealand too!!

    Newest followers! Great blog :)


  7. Hi! I found your blog on Sunday Social and am your newest follower. I LOVE your blog and was hoping that you would stop by mine, stay a while and follow back if you like what you read!

    Have a lovely day,

  8. Nobody ever understands how much I love Shark Tank! I also found you via Sunday Social, and I'll definitely be hitting that 'Follow' button!



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