Wednesday, January 9, 2013

goodies : o is for organization

Hi y'all! I know last year one of my goals for the year was to organize my home. And while I did fairly well at it, I didn't really take it as far as I could have. And while organization is not on my official list of goals for 2013, it's still something I'm going to work on. 

I've discovered a few things in the past couple of months that have really surprised me. One, my mom keeps a super clean house. Seriously. I didn't grow up with my mom (I lived with my grandparents and then my dad) so I didn't really have a chance to notice this before, but I have definitely noticed the past few Thanksgivings and Christmases with her. Now, she definitely has different taste than I as far as home decor but even with all of her knick knacks and things, there's not a lot of dust in her house. The lady knows how to clean. Two, I really, really love a clean house. It's comforting and peaceful to me. Three, it's really not that hard to keep my house clean. It does take more effort, that's for sure, but it only takes a minute or two to make the bed in the morning (depending on how much of a Regina-burrito I turn into at night), and it only take a couple of minutes to put a few things in there rightful place. Wiping counters can be done while BB is eating in his high-chair, dusting can be done while watching TV. It's simple really. Yes, it does take some effort to get myself up off the couch and do it, but then when I do sit down and the house is clean and cozy... ohhh... it feels so much better. It makes me feel lighter, it makes me feel healthier, and it just makes me feel good to have a clean house. (Thanks mom for the motivation and inspiration.) And one more bonus thing, Joey likes a clean house too. In fact, he likes it so much, we've really started working together to clean the house and keep it clean. Yay! Happy wife, happy life, right y'all? 

Two weekends ago I did a massive cleaning of my office. We're talking 2 garbage bags and several boxes of junk and trash thrown out. The transformation of my office was immediately apparent, as was the transformation of myself. I felt more energized and more rejuvenated being in my newly cleaned office than I had in months and months with my dirty, messy office. 

And while thinking about cleanliness, organization, and of course, handmade (as that's always on my mind), I found some noteworthy treasures on Etsy that I wanted to share with y'all. 

organization inspirations

Nothing too flashy: 1) A vintage expanding rack - for those files you need easily accessible. 2)The most adorable chevron wall hook. Hang necklaces, ribbons, use binder rings to organize recipe cards? 3) Some clothespins to keep papers together. Or maybe you can string some twine across a wall and hang up some photographs of loved ones or pictures for inspiration? 4) Vintage metal box. Because sometimes you've just got some random stuff that you don't know where to keep. Throw it all in this box, put it on a vase with some books and a vase of dried flowers and VOILA! You've just got yourself a minimalistic yet useful decor look. All of these finds are from Etsy, so you know you're supporting works of handmade artists or vintage collectors, and they are all less than $40. An easy way to help yourself get organized in 2013. 

What about you? Do you keep a clean house? Or is clean more of a relative term... more relative of messy than clean? Haha! I admit, it does take more work to get things to the point of clean, but once there, it's easier to keep them that way. And these nifty little organizational tools can be just the thing you're looking for to help make your home a happier home. 


  1. We just decluttered and reorganized our 450 sq ft apartment and it feels sooooooo good. Now to keep it that way! Beautiful blog-thank you!!!

  2. I used to have a clean house, then I opened my online with trying to find time to not only create new items, but work on my tags, descriptions, promotions, is not high on the list anymore. lol

  3. With me alone on my own, don't seem to need to clean as much as I did - had to everything spit-spot clean because of his conditions. I like a clean house, but in moderation! Everything in moderation, is my motto! Except trying to get my head around everything to do with social media - that's hectic, but am getting there ..... I think1

    Best of luck on your good intentions, anyway. Isobel:

  4. Thank you for encouraging me to get busy. Getting organized is on my list of things to do for this week, mainly in the garage, craft room, and pantry (AKA spare bedroom closet). I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. Up until I opened my Etsy shop and started a blog I use to ALWAYS have a clean house. It's a joke now (because it's a far stretch from how I am now) but even in college I would look forward to weekends bc that meant I got to give our apartment a good cleaning (I know what a LOSER!)Then life got so busy that suddenly cleaning was like the last priority on my list!I don't know why it's such a challenge bc there is only me and my hubby but seriously it's amazing how much stuff can clutter over night! Anyways, cute and stylish looking organizational things like you shared definately are a good kick in the bootay to get on track!


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