Wednesday, January 9, 2013

me : my very vanilla life

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I have to admit... I'm not very adventurous. I want to be. I dream about being adventurous. Of trying new restaurants. Of ordering something completely out of the ordinary (anyone else have their pre-determined meals for each restaurant that they always order?). Of taking a short road trip, just on a whim. I long to be an adventurer, but most of the time when it comes down to actually making the decision, I'd rather eat at a restaurant that I know I love. I'd rather order the meal that my taste buds are already geared up for. And I'd rather spend our money buying something we need or want for us here, than spend it on gas travelling here and there. 

I dream in colors all bright and vivid. I dream of seeing things and taking in all the glorious sights and wonders. Of filling my journal and my computer with words and pictures of a life of color. But in reality, I live a fairly beige life. I'm very vanilla. 

I've really always been this way, always dreaming of something new and exciting, but still staying within the comfortable boundaries that I know and love. Throughout my life I've always invited colorful people to be around me. I'm drawn to them. To their deep, rich spirit full of colors that I have only dreamed and never lived. I like rules and I like to follow them. I like structure and routine. I have a friend that is a musician and literally travels the world sleeping on couches of friends' and you never know what country he's going to post from next. I envy him. But I could never do that. To live so sporadically. To live without knowing what's going to happen next and where, and how?!?

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But, with the new year here, and another birthday coming up soon, I've been thinking... I only have a couple years left of my twenties. There's no better time than now to live in full color. To try new food. To go to a new restaurant. (Who cares if I don't like the food? I can always eat a PB&J when I get home. I mean, am I really going to starve??? Yeah... I don't think so...) To go to a town I've never been to... just because... because it's a Saturday and we can. Or because I have the day off so why not? Because I want my journal to be full of fun memories I made with my family, not full of wishes and dreams that I write from my bed, or my patio. 

So... this year, one of my goals for the year is to try 4 new things every month. This might sound like a goal very different from the "norms" of new year resolutions, but that's the point. I really kicked it off a little early, but that's okay.

First, we returned home from Joey's parents' after Christmas and we stopped in Lubbock for a few groceries since I knew I didn't have any meat thawed for dinner. Once we got home, and had mostly unpacked, I cooked a dinner of all brand new things. Things I had never cooked before, and some that I had never even eaten before. 

For the appetizer, we had roasted brussel sprouts (which I had never eaten before) which were pretty yummy! I plan to make them again! I bought a new salad dressing we had never tried for our salad. I bought this apple and raisin stuffed pork loin which I cooked (I had never eaten that before but I like pork so figured it would be okay.), I cooked mixed vegetables (I've cooked them before, but I seasoned them with the new dressing I bought), and I cooked rice pilaf and threw in some craisins just because. All in all, it was delicious! Joey was pretty impressed by my amazing skills. I'm a pretty good cook, but to cook things I'd never tried before, that was impressive. 

Then, I decided to try out this sock bun phenomenon that is still racing around the fashion blogs. I'd tried it before, but it failed miserably. So I tried it again and I even wore it out in public. Oh you know... just me... out in public wearing new lipstick and a new hair style like this is something I do every day. How very.... non-vanilla of me, right?

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Also, it's important to preface this next part with a confession... I used to not buy my own underwear. I kid you not. My step-mom bought it for me growing up. Then when I had a room-mate, she bought it for me. Then, after Joey and I got married and no longer had a room-mate, I had to break down and buy my own. I didn't like buying it because I felt like people judged me based on what I bought. If I bought something they thought was too sexy, they'd think I was.... "of ill repute". If I bought something they thought was too tame, they'd think I was.... boring. I just felt it was too much pressure!!! 


Okay, I had to laugh at myself. I realize how ridiculous this all sounds, but seriously, am I the ONLY person who's thought like this? Please tell me I'm not. PLEASE! haha!

Anyway, so yeah... here I am, Regina, completely vanilla and beige in every way... even the contents of my top drawer. lol. 

But, Joey bought me some things for our anniversary and they were not my normal stuff. Nor my normal size. So I returned them to the store (he'd gotten them online via his SIL) and picked out some proper fitting items that were still more.... colorful than I usually purchased, and, in doing so, made my very first purchase at Victoria's Secret. Although, some of those things...... Victoria isn't being very secretive at all

Is this weird??? A conversation you never thought you'd be reading from me? Yeah. I never thought I'd be typing it out here. But, that's the beauty of this blogging world. Someone, somewhere out there knows exactly what I'm talking about. 

And it's all true. Every beige detail. And I want to change it. I want to see things, not just read about them in a book, see a picture online, or hear about them from someone else. I want to see them for myself. 

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All of this is boiling down to one thing: I want to be more colorful, more adventurous, more daring. 

But don't get me wrong. I'm very happy with my beige and vanilla life. I love my life and all the people in it. This is not a pre-mid-life crisis in any way. I'm not unhappy in my marriage, or bored with my life. LOL! It's just that, Joey and I always sit around wishfully planning weekend trips to Ruidoso, or trying a new restaurant, or something. And we keep saying we're going to do it, but then we don't. And I don't want to wake up, 5, 10, 15 years from now and start regretting not spending a weekend in the mountains with him, or trying a new restaurant that we might love

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So here's to a new year, full of new adventures. Of exploring and seeing more of the beauty God created in nature. Of spending time laughing with Joey as we experience new things together. Of adding more color and flavor, to what has always been a very vanilla and beige life. 

Here's to the new!

And here's some of the new things I've tried in the past couple weeks: 
♥ cooked meatballs for meatball subs (idea "stolen" from my friend, V.)
♥ ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut I'd never tried before... delish!
♥ Bought (and have been drinking) this new vitamin drink called EcoDrink.

♥ Tried two new workouts that I've never done before... desk push-ups and planking. 

Have you tried anything new recently? Are you more vanilla and beige or more colorful? 


  1. Very inspiring! Change happens best in the little things--like one dinner a week or one Saturday a month. After a while, you will wonder how you ever lived without adventure!

  2. i do like the sound of that my very vanilla life, i have had a bit of a vanilla life lately ok more than recently and it makes me wish for a more adventurous life, it is a struggle for me to accept the vanilla and recognize how to do life here and now rather than wishing for a more adventurous life, great post regina!

  3. Good luck on your new goals. I have troubles trying new foods but I have to remind myself that if I never tried Indian food I would never know how delicious it was so I try my best to try new things. It's ok to do what is considered 'boring' but something new every now and then could lead to a great new story.

  4. Good for you Regina! I'm pretty vanilla myself so I applaud you. I remember shopping at VS the first time - it does feel weird, doesn't it? I've decided that my boring black & nude bras are ok b/c who has the time to think about all that first thing in the morning?!

  5. I seriously cracked up reading about your panties :) Send me your size, and I will be happy to send you some cute fun colorful ones! Totally serious too! Jessica and I used to buy each other cute panties for birthdays :)


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