Friday, January 4, 2013

inspiration : january moods {2013}

Hi y'all! There are just so many posts I want to write right now to catch up on what I've been doing, wrap up 2012, and kick off 2013 with a bang!! It's hard to get everything written and posted without overloading y'all with my thoughts. And really, no one wants to be overloaded by those! ;) 

Here is my January moods post... the first moods post of the new year, and I'm loving it!!

What inspires me : 

January 2013 mood board

Right now, I want to live in leggings, long shirts, and boyfriend cardigans, is that so wrong?? I think I'm a yuppie nerd (Duck Dynasty anyone?), but really... why do I not own more of these items?!?! Joey... Valentine's Day is next month... here's a huge hint on what to get me. ;) lol. 

What I'm listening to : 

Last Saturday I went to the movies to watch Les Miserables. I had never read the book, so I looked up the plot summary online. It took me 15 minutes just to read the plot summary. And I'm a fast reader!! I loved the movie, but I am in love with the music. I've been listening and singing it ever since... thank you Spotify!

Here are a couple of songs I'm listening to over and over again : 

What I'm reading : 

I finished Anne of Avonlea, started the 3rd book, but needed a break from Anne. Not because of Anne, but because I'm just sooo excited for her and Gilbert to get together that the anxiety of the build up was too much for me. So I had to get out of Anne's world for a bit and take a break. 

Plus, I didn't have a whole lot of time to read during the rush of the holidays. But last Saturday I was at Lifeway getting a book for Joey and I picked up a little $5 book for myself... Karen Kingsbury's "Leaving", the first book in the Bailey Flanigan series. Shout out to my friend Ashley for encouraging me to read this. So far, I'm a few chapters in and I'm liking it. It makes me feel very nostalgic though which is tough, but I've heard good things about the series so I'm excited. 

What I'm watching : 

Burn Notice on Netflix. I call it my spy-training. ;) It's funny, has action, and a bit of a mystery.

Duck Dynasty. Because you can't watch this show and not be happy, happy, happy. 

HIMYM. Because I still haven't seen Ted's wife. And because it's like catching up with old friends... that I've never met.... and only know through television.... that aren't actually real... hmmm... 
Because it's my generation's version of FRIENDS.

Les Miserables in the theater. Loved it. At first I didn't think I'd watch it again, too.... gross? But after listening to the music over and over again, I think I would watch this over and over again. 

And there you have it! My moods for January 2013. 

And what about you? What are you reading? Listening to? Getting inspired by? Watching? Share with me, I'd love to know!


  1. Great post Reginia. I love all your pictures within your text. It really brings to life all your inspirations. I am going to have to check out the two series you are reading. I love to read and usually never enough time. I did enjoy "Fan or Follower" and also mysteries.

  2. I'm glad you liked Les Miserables! I've yet to see the movie, but I've read the book twice (:

    What I really wanted to comment on is your wonderful portrayal of what a real marriage is; work. All my life, I've watched friends fantasize over wedding colors and "dream" men, while blissfully ignoring the fact that marriage is not always sunshine.
    So when I read your words on keeping your marriage happy,I was so glad to see a picture of what a truly happy, responsible relationship should be. Thank you.


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