Tuesday, January 22, 2013

goodies : sparkles and glitter

Hi y'all! Happy Tuesday!!

I don't know whose idea was it take simple figurines and completely glitterize them, but that idea is FANTASTIC! Seriously, there's just something magical about sparkles and glitter that make my 5 year-old self come alive and I'm ready to glitterize everything. Nothing can be too sparkly for me. Am I right?

And with sparkles and glitter on the brain, here are a few items from Etsy that are really speaking to me : 

just sparkle

1) An awesome glitter rhino! Is that too girly for a boy's room, because the color is perfect for BB's room. Maybe sooo.... 2) I grew up in a hunting family so it was nothing for their to be animal heads (or bodies) on the wall. But this faux taxidermy that WhiteFauxTaxidermy is doing... GENIUS! Like, I want one in my office because they're that stinkin' awesome! 3) Just a t-rex... being all glam. He's obviously ready for the Oscars. 4) Glittery elephant buddies. Where is my glittery buddy? I am now taking applications for a glittery buddy. Leave your application in the comments. ;) 

Aren't those awesome!?! Yeah, I know, glitter gets a bad rep as the herpes of the craft world, but those people just haven't connected with their inner diva. And are probably too particular about cleanliness. 

I say glitter it! Make it sparkle! And if all else fails.... 

{ image source : TessylaPrints }

Diet update : The fiber drink really is as awful as everyone said it was. BLEGH! It's supposed to be citrus-flavored and is one of those instances when you probably shouldn't give something a "flavor" and instead just let people dive right in without warning. If you're envisioning orange juice or lemon, it's not that. I don't even know what the flavor really tastes like. And the consistency is like saw dust with water. So far I've only gagged once each morning, so that's saying something right? I'm really not hungry, but that has never stopped me before from wanting to eat. SO that's still a challenge. Only one more day of the fiber drink and then I get a break for a few days. Definitely looking forward to that. And also looking forward to Day 11 when I get to weigh in again... I'm hoping all this is going to be worth it. But I have to say, this morning I already felt better. I just felt... lighter... maybe less bloated? I don't know, but I felt good. So if nothing else, that's a good thing!

And back to the original topic....

Are you pro-glitter, or anti-glitter?


  1. You got me with "sparkle and glitter"!!


  2. I am very pro glitter. I love the green glitter T-Rex. My favorite color is green and how can you not like the T-rex?


  3. I have loved glitter since kindergarten! I will be your glitter buddy =) Thanks for featuring my rhino.

  4. i have been very anti glitter for the longest time. it is slowly growing on me now as in the it is ok to have glitter it doesn't mean you are a little girl, glitter can be for adults too!

  5. I love the whole glitter figurine trend and I dont think tat rhino is too girl at all!! Get it in BB's room PRONTO. Oh sorry.....that sounded very demanding.


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