Tuesday, January 15, 2013

goodies : bath time

One of my goals for 2013 is to try new things. Some of the things I'm trying aren't ground-breaking or earth-moving. Some of them are as simple as taking a bath. Yep... that easy. 

Up until a week or so ago, I probably hadn't taken a bath in 2-3 years. I just always found the experience to be.... disappointing. Just not really enjoyable. My friend Amanda is a huge lover of bath time. I don't know how many times she's told me about falling asleep in the bathtub. I was always shocked by these tales. I just couldn't imagine enjoying a bath so much that I actually fell asleep.

I always felt like Buddy the Elf....

.... only in the bath tub, not the shower. 

But, a couple weeks ago, after working a long day, I was cold, tired, and probably a little stressed, and I decided to try something sort of new... and give bath time another try. 

I loved it. 

It was relaxing to let Joey watch the kids for about 30 minutes, sit in a hot, bubbly bath tub, and just sit in the silence, without someone talking to me, asking me questions, wanting me to do something, or needing me. I soaked, I scrubbed, and when I felt like I had finally unwound a bit, I was ready to get out, join the rest of the house, and help Joey get the boys ready for bed. 

Later that week, I took another bath. Then on a grocery run, I picked up some bubble bath, sugar scrub, and foot scrubber thingies and took another bath. Last week, I took a couple more baths. I'm really loving this new "me-time" for unwinding and relaxing.

It's absolutely necessary for me to take some time for myself. I don't think there's any person out there that doesn't need a little "me-time" every now and then. It's necessary to have time to reflect on the good things in my life, let go of the stresses, and just sit in silence. Any mom can tell you how golden silence really is. And maybe you need to take some time for yourself too?

Here are some amazing items that I've got my eye on for future purchases when I need new bath time goodies : 

unwind : bath time goodies

Aren't those great? A rice eye mask - I love that you can stick it in the microwave for hot, or the freezer for cold. Whichever you might need at that time. Sugar scrub - I'm new to the bath goodies world, but oh my heavens... sugar scrub is awesome!! Bath salts - The only bath salts I've used have been menthol/eucalyptus ones for relieving sinus pressure, but these sounds wonderful. And a candle - I haven't done the whole candle-lit bath time thing, but maybe I'll give that a try sometime. Maybe that's how Amanda falls asleep in the tub!

Are you a bath time kind of gal? Or are you strictly showers? 

What kind of things do you do to unwind?


  1. Those pictures made me crack up! My husband takes baths all the time but I, like you, never saw the pleasure in them. But maybe if I spruced up some of my bath accessories I would find it more enjoyable!

  2. Oh, it has been a long time since I have taken a bath. I keep dreaming that one of these days things will settle down and I will get the girls to nap at the same time and be able to do that again!

    Be careful not to get the rice mask wet, of course. :) Have you tried making your own sugar scrub? It is super easy!

    It is so wonderful that you are taking some time for yourself! You deserve it!!!

  3. Thank you so much for including my sugar scrub in this very funny piece!

  4. I just "run away" for the afternoon to get away. I am surrounded by 300+ acres of open country so I can do that. ;) I'm a shower person too and probably haven't had a bath in a couple years now because of our drought we are limited to 1 minute showers if we even get that. :(

    1. Oh wow!! Where do you live that you only get 1 minute showers? Wow, that wouldn't be enough time for me to do ANYTHING!


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