Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fashion : sweater? I don't even know her!

Hi y'all! For the passed couple of weeks it's actually been winter here in west Texas. The roller coaster weather of "fall" is over, and it's been consistently cold. It won't last long, though, and soon we will be see-sawing with the weather into spring. But right now, with the cold days and the frigid nights, all I want to wear is sweaters. 

And here are some really cute ones that I found that I wouldn't mind having :

sweater? I don't even know her!

I'm especially digging the heart ones. Right now, I just want to live in my leggings, and some cute long sweaters would be perfect for making that happen. ;) Plus, with Valentine's Day on its way, tis the season for wearing hearts, right?

And I don't know why I kept drifting towards that coral color, I can't even wear orangey colors. But, I thought I'd keep them. In case you could wear them. And they sure would brighten up your wintery days! 

What is your favorite thing to wear right now?

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I think we all could use a foxy sweater! Ohhhhh... see what I did there? haaha!

  2. I love the ones with the hearts. Definitely sweater season.

  3. i love the sweaters. cute collection

  4. Those are cute sweaters. I really like the one with the fox.

  5. Great collection of sweaters. I like the fox one but my favorite is the solid coral one. I don't wear a lot of sweaters as once I hit 50 my internal clock changed and I get hot! I do a lot of hoodie sweatshirts that zip up the front.

  6. I think the one with the fox is adorable!


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