Thursday, December 6, 2012

inspiration : december moods {2012}

Hi y'all! I know, I'm late with my December moods post, but at least I got it out the first week of December, right? To say that December snuck up on me would be quite an understatement. I was all like, 'oh I'm so excited it's fall and stuff' and then WHAM! it's December. 

The good news is that my Christmas shopping did not sneak up on me. I'm almost done. A gift card or two, a couple of other things and I'm done. Done! Woo-hoo!

Anyway, here is a little collection of things that I'm currently in the mood for and/or inspiring me: 

What inspires me : 

I have absolutely no shame in saying that I go Christmas Crazy! As soon as Halloween is over, I'm taking down my fall decor and putting up my Christmas decor. I usually have already started planning Christmas gifts and singing Christmas carols by then, too, but I try to keep some of that to myself (or share it with my Christmas-Crazed friends, haha). So it's no surprise that my mood board for December is really a Christmas mood board. I'm so excited about Christmas every year, and with little ones in the home, it's even more magical. I am thankful that they don't know everything that's going on, because Joey and I can still talk about their presents in front of them, buy their presents with them there, and they don't know anything about it. But BB still knows there's magic around. He loved it when I put up the Christmas tree, and when we drive around and he sees Christmas lights he says, "pretty". Yes they are, little one, yes they are. :)

Also, if you're wondering when I'm going to quit including chevron things in my posts, the answer is NEVER! I'm not giving up on chevron, ever. 

And I've decided that I need some new toms. Preferably some plain canvas ones in a cool color. ;) 

One last thing, I've never tried the Christmas blend by Starbucks, but I've heard it's amazing. I really want to try it, but I really don't like Starbucks coffee that much. It always tastes burnt. Anyone else feel like that? 

What I'm listening to :

This is one movie I MUST watch at Christmas time. And I really love this song. I love almost all the songs from the movie and love to sing them to BB and now McCrae. ;) 

Now you might be expecting me to only list Christmas songs here, and while it's true, I've been enjoying the Christmas music playing everywhere, it's not the only thing I'm listening to. 

I'm a fan of Train. Big fan. 

I'm an even bigger fan of Goo Goo Dolls. And this song, Iris, will put a smile on my face every time I listen to it. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, I'll listen and just smile. It's my happy place. 

What I'm reading : 

I finished reading the Twilight series last month. 

I'm still reading "One Thousand Gifts" since I'm still teaching my Wednesday night class using the book. The class ends this month so my reading of this book will end for a little while. I'll have to re-read it in a year or so, it's that kind of book. You want a refresher every now and then. 

Then, I started reading a book my friend Amanda had given me months ago. I loved it!

It's written in two voices for the first half of the book. One voice, a young, Jewish girl in France, during the Holocaust that is taken from Paris to one of the camps where she escapes to go rescue her brother. The second voice, an American journalist in present-day Paris, who has an interesting connection to the little girl. It was a great book! Look it up and let me know if you want to read it too. I'll send you the book if you do. For free. Think of it as a pay it forward book. :) But I only have one copy sooo... if you really want it, let me know ASAP!

I got the entire Anne of Green Gables collection for Thanksmas from my Dad and Janice. SOOO excited! I've already read Anne of Green Gables and am almost finished with Anne of Avonlea. I've read the first two books before, but I'm excited about being able to finish the series. 

What I'm watching : 

Of course, I have to watch some of the Christmas classics! I've already watched Rudolph. I remember watching it last year and introducing BB to it for the first time. :) What a sweet memory. :) 

Joey and I are still working our way through the series on Netflix. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. So funny!!! And now we've become emotionally attached to the characters. They are like our real life friends that we only get to see for 20 minutes at a time. ;) 

And yes, I'm still watching The Office. Anyone else? I'm sad it's ending this year. It's the first year I've watched it during the season... and it's the end. :( Sadness. 

And in even sadder news... 

I have never seen Polar Express. I know! Me, the lover and fanatic of Christmas, never having watched that movie. I'm buying the book and movie this year. And we're going to start a tradition of reading/watching it every year with the kids. 

So those are my moods. What are yours?

What are you listening to? Reading? Watching? Getting inspired by?

Let me know, I'd love to find out. :) 

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