Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 in 2012 : final update

Hi y'all! Remember my project for 2012 : 12 in 2012? The project was about coming up with 12 goals for myself to accomplish in 2012. Some of the projects went splendidly! Some of them started great, but fell along the wayside, and even some I had given up on, only to later complete them after all. Here's a recap, and my final update on the project. 

_X_ 1. Learn how to make fabric flowers successfully. 
Check! I know I didn't really specify, but I meant the rolled fabric flowers when I made my list. And did you see the adorable rolled fabric flowers I made? I absolutely loved them! Then I stuck them on a canvas, making the most adorable flower garden ever!

Interested in purchasing? Leave a comment and let me know. 
Price is $40 for one or you can buy the complete Priscilla set for $100. Shipping is $30. It's a set of 3 coordinating paintings, I'll post pictures of the full set soon. Or I'll email them to you if you're interested. And yes, if you buy the set, I'll combine shipping charges. They are complete and ready to be shipped. 

__ 2. Read "Gone With the Wind".
Like I said at my last update, not gonna happen. I read the synopsis of the book, and completely lost interest in actually reading the book. Maybe one day. Maybe. But let's not all hold our breath. 

_X_ 3. Have a savings account with a balance that never dips below $500. 
Done and done! And, it's easier to save up some money when you have a goal. And our goal for some of our savings account moolah is a getaway for just Joey and I. Somewhere nice and fun, just the two of us. 

__ 4. Lose 30 pounds. 
Well, I almost got there. I lost 25 pounds this year, and I know if I would have stuck to my diet, I could have met my goal, but sadly, I've fallen off the wagon. Not that I'm really disappointed in myself, I'm proud of the weight I did lose. And next year, I hope to lose more weight. It may take me a few years, but I'm sure I'll reach my weight goal one day and hopefully stay there. 

__ 5. Run a 5K. 
I think it's safe to say this one isn't happening either. But I still would like to do this one day, so maybe I'll tack this on to my list for next year. But more on that later...

_X_ 6. Purge my life and home of things that aren't beautiful and/or necessary. 
I got a lot of this done early this year. Since getting McCrae I can say I haven't worked at this as much, but this is one of those things that is really a work in progress. I can always do more. 

_X_ 7. Prioritize my time, organize my home. 
Check, check! While I still have a ways to go (it would be so much easier if I had an IKEA near by) I think I've done really well with this. And my lack of blogging recently, stems from this goal of prioritizing my time. I do think I have more of a handle on this now, than I did this time last year. 

_X_ 8. Work on my children's books/games ideas. 
I have worked on my children's book ideas more, still haven't done much with the games. I think I need to re-evaluate this goal and see if this is something I really want to do or not. My heart says yes, my brain says yes, but maybe I'm fooling myself. We shall see...

_X_ 9. Pay off at least 2 "dumb" debts. (i.e. credit cards, etc.)
I know at my last update I posted that I just hoped to pay off ONE debt at this point. But I'm happy to say that we have actually paid off TWO dumb debts! Hallelujah! This feels great and really makes me excited to keep budgeting and keep paying off more debt and adding more money to our savings account. 

__ 10. Read the entire Bible in one year. 
I'm sad I didn't meet this goal. But I'm proud of myself for reading more Bible this year than I had in a while. Hopefully I can continue this goal through next year. 

_X_ 11. Take more pictures. 
Check! I have taken so many more pictures, but sadly, most of them are of the children so I can't show you. :( One day, hopefully I can. I think next year I'm going to try out more of those monthly photo lists, you know where you have to take a picture of a certain subject every day. Those look fun!

Some of my favorite pictures I've taken this year. And yes, most of them were on instagram, so you should follow me: reginakayxo ;) 

My first instagram pic. And what my living room looks like on a regular basis. Joey calls it a  toynado. ;) 

My favorite drink in my favorite coffee cup. 

I love red lipstick. 
And miss my long hair. 

The first thing I typed on my new (to me) typewriter. 
If you get the reference, you can apply for best friend status. ;) 

Valentine's Day (or any day) self-manicure. 

Fabulously foggy in the morning. 

I still love red lipstick. 
And now I miss my super short hair. 
I'm so fickle. 
A giant sunglasses-wearing duck. This picture always makes me smile. 

Preparing for our fourth of July celebration. 

Fact 1: I never tire of looking at sunsets and sunrises. 
Fact 2: I've never met a sunset or sunrise I didn't like. 

Sketching the design for my Priscilla Owl painting. Part of the Priscilla Series that I mentioned before. ;) 

But not all my pictures were done via instagram, I also got to do graduation pictures for these two lovely girls. One graduating from high school, the other from college : 

_X_ 12. Write more. (journaling, blogging, letters, etc.)
Well, you can look at my sidebar and see my Blog Archive and think to yourself that I haven't written as much as I did last year. But that's not really true. I may not have posted as many blogs, but I did post more blogs that include my writings. And I've been steadily writing letters to Amanda. I've also been journaling again, so the writing is happening, it just may not happen always here on the blog. 

That wraps up this year's project. And yes, I'm planning on continuing this project for next year, only it will be 13 various goals to accomplish in 2013. 13 in 13. That's the new project. But that will be revealed at a later date. And I'd LOVE for you to join in if you'd like. 

What about you? Did you follow through on any of the resolutions you set for yourself? I have to say, doing this project on my blog, definitely kept me more accountable. I remember sitting down one evening with a bunch of fabric, hot glue gun, and my computer opened to a tutorial on how to make rolled fabric flowers because I just couldn't disappoint y'all by not following through with that. It's been a lot of fun and I really feel as if I accomplished some wonderful goals. I also learned a lot about myself, learned how to balance things, learned how important it is to be organized, pushed myself to be creative and to take the time to enjoy the little moments like snapping a quick picture of a sunset. It's been a wonderful experience and really, I hope you'll consider joining me for next year's project. :) 


  1. Wow, I think you did pretty well Regina! Good for you. I never set goals, but I think you have inspired me to start a list for 2013.
    Loved the pictures and can't wait for the day you can show us those beautiful kids!

  2. You are so awesometastic!! You did a great job with your list. So many things I want to say.......that rolled flower canvas is adorable, losing 25 pounds is crazy cool, paying off two silly debts is even cooler, and taking "Gone with the Wind" off your list is just plan out smart (even though I am sure my 90 year old grandma would disagree!)
    Lastly, I am terrified to look back on my goals. Do I get points for doing things not on my list?????

  3. I hardly did ANY of the things on my list. Boo. Well, there is always next year, right?

  4. Oh, but not to be all gloomy on ya- Great job on YOUR list! WOOHOO! :)


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