Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi, I'm Regina.... a catch up post {photo heavy}

Hi y'all! I'm Regina. Remember me? Haha... okay, I know it hasn't been THAT long since I've posted, but still, it's been like 2 weeks... which is much too long in my opinion. So here's a recap of what I've been up to lately. :) 

First, there was the Texas Tech football game. I know I've already posted a picture, but I'm posting it again. 

This was my very first big college football game. And what a game it was. 60,000 people, we were in the student section, (free tickets, thank you VH), it was loud and amazing!! The Texas Tech Red Raiders handed a HUGE upset to the West Virginia Mountaineers. There were lots of touchdowns, we saw a drunk guy nearby get escorted out, there was a streaker!!!, that's right, some guy ran on to the field without a shirt on and proceeded to undress completely before being tackled by the Texas Rangers, all in all, it was an exceptional first big college football game experience. 

And we had our first Outpour, which is something new we're doing at Hillside. It's a night of prayer and singing and just an outpouring of worship and praise to God. Pretty awesome! And I made caramel apple nachos for a treat! :) 

BB and I have gone on a few walks recently. Until the time change. Now I don't know what we're going to do. But it was nice to be out and see the beautiful leaves changing colors. 

I love the yellow leaves. So pretty!

And pretty skies. 

And the weeds along the road with their plum-colored tips. 

A random flower popped up in our front yard. So, of course I had to get a picture. 

The first red leaves on the oak trees in our front yard. Now they're all red and just gorgeous! I need to take pictures of them all red. 

I had an absolutely terrible day where I cried most of the day and was SOOO glad to finally have that day in my rearview mirror:

Thankfully, that day is over, and I've moved on. 

Then we had our Halloween Party. Some of you know that Halloween is a fun time for me and might remember reading past posts about my parties, and this year was no exception! We had a fun party and being the terrific blogger I am, did not get a single picture of the whole family in costume. But I did get one of Joey and BB. Bet y'all didn't know I was married to Ironman and had Captain America for a son. ;) 

CB brought a pumpkin brownie to the party. She left a big chunk of it behind, and I was afraid we wouldn't eat it, I'm not a big fan of icing, but boy was I wrong. I ate every bit she left. It was the best brownie I've ever had. And the icing was pretty perfect too! YUMMY YUMMY!!

My summer mini-nanny brought q-tips!

They're mini-marshmallows on lollipop sticks with caramel at the ends. Funny. And delicious until you're told what they're supposed to be. Then you're just disgusted. And really impressed! Haha!

Mini Nanny's momma brought a dirt cake graveyard. MMMMmmmm... I love me some dirt cake! 

With Halloween being on a Wednesday, and us having church services on Wednesday night, as we were leaving for church, I turned my porch light on and left a big bowl of candy on the porch. After church services, we raced home, put the rest of our candy in our then-empty bowl, and handed out candy to the few remaining trick-or-treaters. I LOVE passing out candy on Halloween. It's so fun! I was planning on dressing up in Granny's old witch costume, but with church and all, I didn't get to. Next year though... next year... :) 

I painted my nails an awesome shade of chevron. Is there any other shade of chevron besides awesome? I think not. 

Sorry for the messy cuticles. I was so excited about my chevron manicure that I couldn't wait to take a picture. ;) 

I discovered that the backs of cereal boxes have gotten way cooler than when I was a kid. Seriously. You can cut these designs and iron them on to a t-shirt. And I was lucky if I got a maze. 

I went to Higher Ground for my first time as a staffer! Pretty exciting stuff! It was absolutely amazing and I'm already looking forward to March when the next Climb will happen!

I finished off my last bottle of Gain. I then proceeded to make my own laundry detergent. Nothing big, just mixing various store-bought items. It's not like I went all Dexter's Laboratory on you. (And I mean Dexter the scientist, not Dexter the serial killer.) But more details on the laundry detergent later. 

And that is some of the highlights of the past few couple weeks. 

So, that's what I've been up to, what about you? You know my readers are my friends, so I want to know what you've been up to as well! :) 


  1. Well, looks like you've had some good times in the past 2 weeks (and sorry about that bad day!) All those fancy schmancy Halloween desserts look fabulous, glad the party was a blast AND I say anytime anyone thinks it socially acceptable to undress in front of 60,000 people does make for an EXCEPTIONAL time!

  2. Great post! What a fun Halloween and those caramel apple nachos! Oh, my! I love anything chevron! Happy Lord's Day tomorrow!

  3. So glad you're back! And omg, those caramel apple nachos look amazing. And the chevrons? Love!


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