Monday, October 15, 2012

music monday : from my head to yours

Hi y'all! No, I'm not going to start a new blog series called "music monday", even though I have been tempted to so many times. But the answer is still "no". I don't need another blog series. (Like so many other blog series that have been started and discarded, or just forgotten about in my most recent creative slump.) But, it's Monday, I'm talking about music, so the title seems to fit. ;)

And for those of you who have been in the know about my aforementioned creative slump, good news! I'm finally coming out of it. Some time away has been good, maybe in ways, too good. But a trip alone to Hobby Lobby has breathed a sense of refreshment into my creative soul, and was really just what I needed to get going again. I've been doing some crafting this past weekend, but that's for another post. ;) 

And now... on to Music Monday!

Today, I'm sharing 6 songs that are most likely to be caught in my head right now. Read (and listen) at your own risk. But know, if you do listen, and if you like them, we can be friends. ;) 

"Some Nights" by Fun. I love this song. I heard "We Are Young" (the next song) on my way home late one night and fell in love. Came home, listened to it over and over again, along with other Fun. videos, and seriously, I'm a fan now. Big fan. Love this song. Love this group. And I texted a dear friend who shares my love for music to see if she's heard of this group and songs, only to find out that she has, (no surprise there) but that they used to be called The Format. Also good stuff. Cheer up your Monday, listen to them, and have a dance party in your chair. 

The song that started my most recent love affair with Fun. Love this. I may have listened to this on repeat... a lot. 

Alicia Keys has disappointed me for the past few years. But then this song came out, and I like it. I just hope more come out like it. And while I'm not a big fan of live music, I had to use this video because I did NOT want the video ft. Nicki Minaj. No thanks. Ever. 

And now... I complete change of pace. 

Do you love Jason Gray? I do! Jason Gray, Andrew Peterson, Andrew Osenga, Andy Gullahorn, all good people to listen to. And I love how in this video and so many other music videos and movies there's someone hitch-hiking with a guitar. I've seen a lot of hitch-hikers in my day. I can't remember a single one carrying a guitar. If I ever do, I'm getting a picture as proof. 

Love this song. Love this video. It makes me tear up. Listen with caution... and a tissue.

And... with a Jason Gray song, you almost have to have Andrew Peterson. Joey bought Andrew Peterson's most recent album last week and we've been listening to it a lot. The video is really cool, there are a lot of "Rest Easy" videos because I guess there was a video contest. Pretty cool. Any of them are good, and the song is wonderful!

So that's what is playing in my head. What's playing in yours?


  1. Ooh looks like I have a few new songs to check out. I'm a fan of that Alicia Keys song and seriously the other day I was driving in my car thinking to myself" I miss the days where Nicki Minaj wasn't featured in every dang song!"

  2. Aw man! I had Some Nights in my head all last week, and now its back. :)


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