Friday, October 19, 2012

me : weekly loves

 Hi y'all! It's a busy Friday, but halleluyer, it's Friday! No need for chit chat, let's just dive right in. ;) 

I love my sweet hubby. 
And I love that we got to go to my first big college football game last Saturday. I still haven't written a post about it, but it was AWESOME!
Also, I love my necklaces (one is my mommy necklace, the other is a cute one from The Vintage Pearl that my sweet friend Ashley sent me for my birthday. She's the best!
And I love my sunglasses. From Target. Oh yeah, baby! :) 

I love that we finally got family pictures taken together. It's the first time in a long time that we got professional pictures made of us. And we got photos of both boys. We're about to be that family that has photos of their kids up all over the house AND gives family photos as Christmas gifts. ;) 
{ p.s. - friend, Alicia Perkins, of Simple Beautiful Photography, took our pictures. }
I love that yellow tree we found to take pictures by. It was cute and so chipper!

I love Family Nights. Still planning a post about those, but I look forward to that each week. :) 

I love wearing my Granny's old jewelry. She always wanted a diamond ring, and waited until much later in her life to finally buy one for herself. But until then, she bought a bunch of faux ones. This is one of them that I wear. Fake diamonds. The silver band has turned black. But I think it's beautiful and I love that I can wear it now. YAY for skinnier fingers!

I also love when I'm cooking dinner and the family's in the kitchen with me. Joey's playing music on his phone and BB and I have an impromptu mommy-son dance. Two-stepping with my boy never gets old. And he loves it too! ;) 

I love these chicken salad sandwiches from a little restaurant in town. Joey brought me one yesterday and it was OH SO GOOD. If anyone wants to come visit me, I'll buy you a yummy sandwich! :) 

I love crafting time, being inspired, and completing projects. I experienced all of those this week and that makes for a fantastic week!

What are some things you love right now?


  1. I love that you love everything! lol. and I can't wait till you can share family night, and we will get to meet bb in person!

  2. I love reading your weekly loves! :) Your enthusiasm is so contagious!!

    I tried taking pics of the kids this week with the pretty fall leaves. Not everyone is cooperative. But I love the pretty trees and the weather, too. We are FINALLY making progress on my kitchen and I really love that!

  3. I love that ring! It's just the right amount of fancy!!


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