Tuesday, October 9, 2012

me : embracing the lack of creativity

Sometimes, the creative juices aren't just flowing, they're flooding. And sometimes, there's not even a drop to be found anywhere. Right now, I can't find my mojo. It's disappeared. 

A month or so ago, I was on a creative spurt. Everything inspired me, the need to create something beautiful overwhelmed me, and every table and shelf in my office was covered with some project(s). 

And then... as quickly as that spurt came along, it was gone. And now, I keep going into my office, looking around for some project to work on, and just stare. Nothing jumps out for me to do. I don't want to sew, paint, write, journal, blog, or anything. I'm supposed to be writing a guest post for a friend's photography blog and I just can't muster the motivation and inspiration. It's a very bizarre feeling and I just don't know what to do with myself. And while I've been trying to push through and channel any inspiration that comes my way, I've also tried to take advantage of this time by spending it with my family and enjoying mommyhood. 

So while you may have missed me on the bliggity blog, here's what I've been doing :

* Watching TV with the hubby. It doesn't seem that special, but so much of the time I am working on one project or another during the evening and after children are in bed, so I'm usually in my office while Joey is in the living room. But it's been nice to be in the same room in the evenings and enjoy some of our favorite shows together. 

* Spending time with the boys. Again, I'm usually in my office in the evenings, but with my lack of creative juices, I get to spend that time in the floor playing with BB and with McCrae. We've also discovered how bad the language is on most tv shows, so we've been watching a lot of Frozen Planet lately. My favorite thing is when BB crawls up on the couch with me to sit in my lap and he points to the TV and says "Wa-wer" (water), "duh" (bird), and "tree". He can also walk like a penguin which I have a video of and wish I could share with you. So cute!!

* Take advantage of inspiration as it comes. Last Tuesday I went to our monthly art club meeting and was so inspired by the presentation, that I came home and started creating my own collage works. It was so much fun and I whipped out a couple really quickly. I even sold one and was commissioned for 2 more!! So while I haven't been inspired to work on much else, it's nice to take advantage of whatever inspiration comes along. 

* Organize, brainstorm, re-think. Since I haven't wanted to create anything, I've gone through sections of my office and tried to get things organized. These creative lulls are a great time for cleaning out some supplies and getting rid of them, OR listing them on a website to sell. I've also gone through my journal (where I keep most of my ideas) and have brainstormed about new ideas, as well as re-thinking stale ideas to give them new life. It's easy, it just takes as much time as you want to put in, and you might look at something completely differently when you aren't in the "heat of creativity". 

* Work on the non-creative projects. Like organizing, there are some projects in my life that don't require any creative juices. One of those is working on our budget. It's not something that I do very often (and maybe I should) but it's something that needs to be done. Go through the budget, see where we can save money, where we should be spending extra money, and so on. 

That's what I've been up to while waiting for my creativity to come back. It doesn't seem like much and at first I was really disappointed and upset, but it's actually been nice to spend time doing other things and I know when I get back to creating, I'll come back feeling very refreshed and renewed. 

So what do you do when you can't get the motivation and inspiration for creating something? Do you embrace it? Or push through?


  1. Yes, sometimes that strikes me too. I do shopping and eating good food usually. Haha! Yes, watch TV and play games and indulge myself with more cups of coffee <3

    visiting via EBT

  2. My inspiration comes during the night. I read until 1 or 2AM and then force myself to close the book and close my eyes but my mind is going and going. I think of all the things I want to do and usually do not fall into deep sleep until 6AM! Then it is a deep sleep until 1PM. When I get up I HAVE to go on the computer and by the time I am done - I am too tired to be inspired. A viscious cycle - LOL.

    I need an assistant to follow through with my ideas! :o)


  3. We're on different cycles here.....a few weeks ago I had nothing and then the season changed and now my creative juices are in overdrive. I think what you're doing; spending time with family, etc...is the perfect way to get rejuiced:) AND trust me I understand the sitting down to watch tv with the hubby thing.....it's become such a luxury in my life as well!

  4. I am SO in this place right now. I have been here for about a month or more. It seems like everything I do "I kinda" like but don't love. I have actually sat at my desk and just looked at it...done nothing and left.

    I get like this from time to time and I have to step back and just wait. If I try to push though it what I do ends up in the trash. Once it was three months but I got my MOJO back.

    Right now I am in the process of changing my business so a lot of thought is heading that direction. I want to be creative again but I know it will kick in when I am ready.


  5. What are you trying to create?

    Every time I get in a creative rut, I read Twyla Tharp's, Creative Habit book. So inspiring!!


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