Wednesday, October 17, 2012

inspiration : current color crushes

Hi y'all! Some of my favorite colors, yellow and pink, have been favorites for many years. Some, mint and coral, are favorites that have developed more recently in the last few years. But then, there are some new favorite colors that just kind of sneak up on me. I don't realize how much I love them until I've caught myself buying them over and over again. Does this ever happen to you?

My most recent discovery of my new color crushes comes as a real surprise. I've never been that big of a fan of cobalt blue, mostly because I don't like wearing blue tops with blue jeans. I feel like I'm walking around looking all smurfed out. But it started with seeing this hot, cobalt blue nail polish being worn on a reality tv show this summer, then I bought a sweater, then clothes for Joey and the kids, all in the same cobalt blue. 

And for the neon purple, I've always loved purple, but neon purple is a new shade that I'm really crushing on now. I first picked it up in a makeup bag set that I needed a new one of. Then some skinny jeans, then some nail polish. And now, before I realized what happened, I've discovered that my recent purchases are always leaning towards at least one of these two colors. Also... there's a fuschia/neon purple colored Escalade driving around Lubbock. I've seriously discussed with Joey that when we buy a new Tahoe for me (down the road) I want to paint it that color. He's not agreeing to that. Yet. 

current color crushes

Do you love these colors right now as much as I do? I'm mad for them! In fact, those skinny jeans and that blue sweater were worn by me last night during our family photo shoot. And if you'd like to see more cobalt blue goodies, I suggest you check out my goodies post of all things cobalt blue here

I'm really crushing on these colors right now... what colors are you crushing on?


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh this color combo is amazing!

  2. ooh regina this is a great color combination. i have always loved cobalt and then you go and pair it with neon purple, i love it!

  3. I've always loved cobalt blue!

    You're making some great color choices. Lately I'm focusing on texture especially in luxury fibers, like Baby Alpaca. TFS!

  4. Oh, so pretty! Of course, I think I love anything with purple!

  5. I love anything purple...and those plummy shades look so good with the cobalt.

  6. great picks! i have a weakness for mustard yellow. :)

  7. I never realized how well these colors look combined!

  8. As I said you are pretty stinken good at this color thing! I seriously can't stop staring at this.......the colors are so rich and vibrant and prettttty!


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