Monday, September 24, 2012

me : weekend recap : new car, goat photo bombs and syrup!

Hi y'all! I don't know which is worst: wanting to blog but having zero ideas of what to write about, or having things to write about and Blogger not working with you and letting you write them. I experienced the second one most of last week. I don't know why Blogger had it out for me, but I'm hoping we've mended things and will be getting along from now on. I couldn't even read some of my favorite blogs, so I have a lot to catch up on, or just miss out on. :( 

Anyway, this weekend was a busy weekend. But, it was also a lot of fun! And... we got a new car!! But, let's start with Friday. 

A while back, Joey traded my old car (a perfectly good Mercury Milan) for a jeep. It's something he has always wanted and he convinced me that we would be able to sell the jeep (or trade it in) for a lot more than we would my car (which is true), so he got the jeep. But the jeep was trouble. The gas mileage was terrible, he couldn't take the kids in it because it was a soft top and therefore WAY too dusty, I didn't like driving it for extended trips, it just seemed to be a waste. We argued more about that jeep in the past 6 months than anything else. Finally, Thursday, I laid it all out for him. How much the jeep was hurting us financially, how it didn't make sense for our family right now, and once I laid out all my reasoning, I let it go. I decided he would make the decision and that would be that. But, I wanted to show him that we could buy a car perhaps, if he sold his jeep. So Thursday night I stayed up till 1am looking up cars and working out our budget and all that business. I went to bed, woke him up and told him what I'd found. He looked, we talked, then I went to sleep. Friday morning when I woke up, Joey told me he'd found a car of his own, a Chevy Cruze. He said he had decided to sell and was getting the money for it today. So, I started looking online, making calls, and finally found the car we wanted, for the price we wanted, for the mileage we wanted. Perfect. Now we just had to get approved. 

You know, I understand that times are changing but never before have I bought a car through texting. Seriously. I called the dealership inquiring about the car. And the salesman called me to say our credit app was approved. Everything else was done via texting. Isn't that bizarre!?!?

Anyway, so we were approved, we were getting a new car! YIPPEE!!

And then, something even better happened. We got a call from the realty company that our house in Levelland was FINALLY renting!! Hallelujah!!! 

I know some of you may not be believers, but since I am, I can totally see God working in this. Joey had selfishly gotten the jeep and selfishly held on to it even though it caused us numerous problems and arguments. When he finally decided to let go of the jeep and do what is right for our family, we are blessed with being able to buy a nice, new car, AND, our house (which has been a financial burden forever it seems) finally is rented! I totally see God in that. 

The only problem with the car, was that it was in Alamogordo. 3 1/2 hours away into New Mexico. Hmmm.. We at first thought that we would go on Monday, but Joey decided Friday night he wanted to go on Saturday. So, Saturday morning we woke up early, loaded up the kids, and hit the road. 

One of my current projects. I've worked on them the past two Friday nights while Joey's been at football games. That's about the only time I've had to work on them, so it's taking me a while. I finished up one more letter yesterday, so I have one more letter to go. Then, they will go on a shelf (that I have yet to buy) in BB's room. I love them! And am definitely thinking about making some more for my shop. 

I had never driven up this way in New Mexico, so I got to see more sights I hadn't seen before. I love driving through tunnels! I think it's amazing that engineers can do that. It amazes me! Excuse the bug guts across the windshield. ;) 

It was fun to get out of town and see some different landscape on Saturday. At this point, we were still on our way to pick up the car, and were still planning to make it home in time for a birthday party, so we didn't stop on the way up there to take any pictures or see the sights. 

Joey's new car! He said on the way home he was getting 42 mpg AND he drove all the way home and only used 1/4 of a tank of gas. Yeah, this car is definitely better than the jeep in that department and is so worth it!

After getting to Alamogordo, we decided we weren't going to be able to make it home for the party. So after picking up the car we went out to eat. We ate at a place called Tia Lupes and it was not a pleasant experience. The wait was LONG, for a very un-busy restaurant. The food was mediocre. And the price was a little steep considering Joey and I shared an entree. But, such is the traveling life. 

We made one more stop in Alamogordo to buy some cherry cider. I've never had any, but Joey said his family used to go pick cherries and  buy cherry cider and it was delicious. So we bought a bottle for us and a bottle for his mom and dad. I'm looking forward to trying it. 

We stopped in the Mayhill area at this little roadside stand/petting zoo. We had to stop, I was getting way too drowsy to drive. But we stretched our legs, checked out the petting zoo and bought some syrup. 

All the animals come up to the fence when you walk up because they are expecting you to feed them. We didn't buy any feed, but it was fun watching BB interact with them. It was his first petting zoo experience and I'm looking forward to taking him to one again. 

BB was most interested in the goats. Until this pot-bellied pig came into this pen. Then he was interested in that. Apparently, the goats don't like sharing the attention, and will photo bomb your piggy pictures. 

The roadside stand had all kinds of homemade goodies, but we decided on this blackberry syrup. I'll have to make pancakes soon to try it out. 

Then, after another stop for dinner at McDonald's, we made it home. Joey's incredibly happy with his new car, I love driving it too (it's turbo charged so it's super fun), I'm proud of Joey of making a decision for his family, AND it turned out to be a pretty fun Saturday. I told Joey on Sunday that we should try to make more family outing trips now. It's good for us to get away. 

Sunday brought a busy day of church, naps, finishing one more yarn-covered letter, church again and then taking all the youth kids to Pizza Hut. Which was a pretty chaotic experience but we still had a wonderful time!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend! 

How was your weekend?


  1. It's so encouraging to see how God worked in your lives this weekend!

  2. Texting with a dealership??? Man, times ARE changing! Well, congrats on the car and the house being rented out!

  3. What a wonderful testimony to seeking and following God's leadership. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I never dreamed I would fall into texting but I have and must say that I enjoy it sometimes. My kids sort of pushed me into it. :o)

    Happy week!


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