Wednesday, September 5, 2012

me : project overload

Hi y'all! I've written several blog posts about dealing with a creative drought, and channeling my inspiration and motivation in order to get things done. It's a sad thing when that happens, and I'm glad it doesn't happen often. But lately, I've been experiencing the exact opposite. After the hearing for BB was over, it's like my body heaved a huge sigh of relief and all this stress/worry/anxiety, that I didn't even know I had, melted away. And then... it was project overload. 


I've got garlands for fall to sew up, paintings for customers going, jewelry supplies to package and ship, new designs to sketch out, new designs in progress, DIYs piling up, I'm seriously in need of some minions. And watching a little 'Despicable Me' last night while eating dinner didn't help... haha... "Minions, assemble!!"

| photo source : Universal Pictures |

Well, unfortunately I don't have any minions. But does anyone want to come over for a craft party? I've got lots of projects to work on. You work on yours or you can help me with mine, either way! I'll supply the coffee. And cake pops if you're nice. ;) 

But seriously, my office looks like a disaster zone. I can't believe I'm sharing this with you, but there's no way I could more accurately describe how crazy it looks right now in any way other than pictures. No judgement!

My sewing table aka work table #1. 

Let's play a game! How many projects can you count in each photo?

In this one I'm counting 5. 

Another shot to include my large pile of felt. It used to be neatly organized in it's tub. Now, it's all helter skelter. 

In this one I'm counting 7. 

My work table #2. Mostly used for cutting out mobiles and large pieces like that. 

I'm counting 9 projects in this photo. 

Part of my desk. First off, see that drawer? I need a new desk. That drawer won't stay closed and yes, I hit my knee on it all. the. time. But it does come in handy for stacking things. 

How many projects in this photo? 

I'm counting 3. 

Work table #3 aka the painting table. 

In this photo I'm counting 6 projects. 

Now do you agree that I need help? Or at maybe to just be committed? Haha. No, I'm kidding. Don't lock me up. Unless it's a facility with craft time. In that case, food, shelter, craft time... that works for me!

I guess having my mojo stifled under the stress of worry and anxiety over BB's hearing really took it's toll. I wasn't really in a creative mood at all. Now, though, I'm in project overload. I've got new ideas popping up in my head, faster than I can work them out. I'm definitely writing all of this down so I can come back to them later. Which is really my test for deciding how good an idea is. If I jot it down in my journal, and later come back and still think it's brilliant, then I'm more likely to try it out. 

But with all these creative juices flowing, I've been struggling to keep up. I've been working on things as much as possible, and still can't get to everything. Of course, I've been focusing first and foremost on customer orders. Those are most important to get done quickly, so those take precedence. But for the rest of the projects, I've just been doing them as I can, when I can. Which, is why the ol' bliggity blog is only getting a couple of posts a week. 

So what about you? What do you do when you have more projects going on than you can handle? How do you channel all those creative juices to get the most production out of them?


  1. I totally understand how this is!!!

    It helps me to make a list of all my projects, with "due dates" for the ones that HAVE to be completed by a certain time. Then I put them on my calendar. Then I schedule work days for them on my calendar.

    Sometimes I try to make one day a week for a specific task (i.e. Wednesdays used to be craft show work days). It keeps me from getting burnt out or asking, "What should I work on today?"

  2. I think a messy work space shows how creative you are:) Mine frequently looks like this-so that's what I'm going with-it's creativity overflowing!
    I agree with Faith, making lists is important. I prioritize my to do list starting with "must do" and ending with "maybes" But I need to get disciplined enough to schedule the work periods, and then stick to it.

  3. Oh you poor girl lol I would go crazy if I had that much going on!
    I have an idea, make your biggest crafty project redoing your office space that way you will create more of a zen place to work in?! That would make me a happier crafter hehe

  4. Getting organized is so hard sometime! You should definitely finish that canvas in the last picture, looks super cute! Good luck getting organized :)

  5. I feel as if I am in the same boat but maybe a little less than yours. I just want to hide under the blanket with my furries! LOL I need the energy to get going which isn't happening with this heart problem of mine. I keep thinking that if I don't think about it, it will go away.!!


  6. Trust me no judging here AND if craft messes are a justified reason to lock people up will you be my padded cell mate?
    I soooo feel your prob on all the creative juices running around in your head....most of the time I am just a spazzo but every once in awhile I make myself breathe, write them down, and then try to prioritize.


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