Thursday, September 13, 2012

me : it's always you, fall

| image source : Amy Cutler |

I try not to be partial. I try not to pick favorites. But fall is my favorite season. I felt the first hint of it several weeks ago. It was a hot, summer day, but as I was outside, in the shade of the oak trees in our front yard, moving the sprinklers. I felt just a hint of coolness. Not just in-the-shade coolness, but coolness that carries a crisp with it. And I knew, right then, that fall was just around the corner. 

I've already been observing the changes in the times of sunrises and sunsets. I've noticed how the shadows are just a bit longer, how the sun isn't quite so strong, how my patio is littered with brown and yellow leaves, and how the morning air has a hint of crisp to it.

It's wonderful.

Everything around me is changing. The boys are growing so fast. Sometimes I look at BB and see more big boy than baby boy. Sometimes I look at McCrae and realize his little newborn face is almost gone and the chubby cheeks of baby are filling out. I look around and I see all kinds of changes, in myself, in my life, in my environment. And then I stop, and reflect on a fall, 6 years ago when I fell in love with a guy. And all these things around me that I'm observing, are part of my life because of that "fall"

He had been watching me from afar, wanting to ask me out. There was a series of events that kept us separated, but eventually, 6 years ago, we were brought together. It was a whirlwind romance if there ever was one. And with each passing day, the weather changed and the temps got lower, but we were falling harder and deeper in love. 

| image source : Carl Christensen |

Then, 4 years ago it was late summer and we moved to Texas. There wasn't much left of summer and we spent a glorious west Texas fall in our first home together. And for that reason alone, I will always have a special place in my heart for that house. 

And then last year. Again, late summer brought another move, this one to Plains. To the new home we're in, the new church Joey works at, the new friends we're making, and this new life that is unfolding around us. And last fall, when the nights were certainly cool and crisp, and the mornings chilly, a little boy came to live with us. We both fell in love with him instantly, and knew if he could be, we wanted him as ours. He had his first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas with us. And it was a wonderful time for fall, football, sweaters, boots, coffee, and falling in love. 

So you see, I try not to be partial, I try not to pick favorites, but fall is my favorite season. Because every fall, it seems, there are new things, new experiences and new loves. So if I had to pick a favorite, it's always you, fall, every time. 


  1. out here in southern California I will be waiting several more weeks for the wonderful season of fall so while the rest of the country minus you in the plains are indulging in boots, scarves, chilly nights and PSL, i will be heading to the pool in my bikini

  2. Today is definately a fall day here in Chicago!! Only 68 degrees (yesterday was 90, go figure!)I love it. Can't wait to snuggle (myself haha) in a a sweater and throw on some boots!

  3. very sweet. <3 If we just stop to look, we can see God's blessing all thru our lives. How is it going with BB?

  4. I'm with you - fall is my favorite! I love being able to be all warm and cozy :) Here's to another great fall!


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