Monday, September 3, 2012

inspiration : mood board september 2012

Hi y'all! And hellllooooo September! I wish every month started with a day off from work. Wouldn't that be nice?! That's what I'll do when I'm President. ;) 

But I have a few more years before I can run for President, so in the mean time, I'll just keep sharing with you my monthly mood boards. 

september mood board 2012

 Hello football season! Hello cardigans and blazers! Hello skinny jeans and flats! Hello cooler temps and changing leaves! Oh Fall, I've missed you so. :) 

What's your mood for fall? Are you sad that summer is passing? Or are you welcoming the splendor of fall?


  1. luvin the yellow, the gorgeous fall scene and the football...I am a fall gal through and through...every sense in my body is inspired at the thought of fall; it makes me fell more alive, it completes me...*grin*....thanks for sharing...hope you have a wonderful day week!

    enjoy *~*

    1. Oh I'm completely with you! Fall just makes me absolutely giddy. I don't like to declare favorites, but fall is my favorite season (sorry other seasons). You have a wonderful week too, thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Strangely this week I realized I love the color yellow..LOL Gorgeous board as always but my heart is beating fast for those sparkly ballet flats! The end of summer is bittersweet for me. Summer and fall are both favorites of mine:)


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