Tuesday, September 25, 2012

inspiration : diy freezer paper shirts

Hi y'all! Sometimes I think of these great ideas for t-shirt designs. My mind spins with quotes, colors, fonts, designs, and for just a bit I think, "I should design t-shirts!! That would be awesome!!" But then I think of how much work that would be and how little time I already have for projects going on and I come back down to earth. Which is why this is a perfect DIY for me and any of you other screen-printing-business dreamers. ;) 

I got the inspiration from one of my favorite blogs Made, and honestly, I didn't know you could use freezer paper for this until reading Dana's blog. And then, it was like the sky opened up and a light shone all around me and I could actually design some shirts and execute them so easily! And today, I'm sharing that with you!

What you will need :

- freezer paper (found by plastic wrap and aluminum foil)
- fabric paint
 - t-shirt or onesie
 - scissors

Step 1 : Iron your shirt and lay flat. 

Step 2 : I was doing a star design so I printed a star shape (using MS word) and traced the shape onto my freezer paper. I used a ruler to make sure my lines were perfectly straight. 

Step 3 : Fold your design in half, and cut out. 

Step 4 : Iron the freezer paper (shiny side down) to your shirt. 

Step 5 : Paint over your design. 

Step 6 : Remove the paper and VOILA! You have a star design on your shirt!

Since we're the Plains Cowboys, black and gold, I added a gold "P" to the shirt with more fabric paint. 

It was perfect! And just what we needed for the first home football game of the season. 

I'm looking forward to making more shirts for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions!

Happy designing!


  1. Great idea Regina. I never thought to use freezer paper this way. I keep a roll in my sewing room to cut out pattern pieces though. Just trace the pattern, and iron the freezer paper to the material (or felt), and cut out your piece. No pins needed!

  2. very neat! I'll have to give this a try.

  3. wow, I never even know about freezer paper in the first place. lol. gotta get me some now.


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